Honoree Headshot

Skyler Badenoch

Chief Executive Officer
Hope for Haiti

Location: Maricopa County, AZ
Founded: 1989
Industry: Non-Profit

Skyler Badenoch joined Hope for Haiti as the nonprofit’s CEO in 2017 and quickly moved to modernize the organization, integrating strategic change and innovation into the culture.

Badenoch helped lead the organization through its first rebranding in 30 years and diversify revenue streams by accepting cryptocurrency donations, building a metaverse with a Haitian education theme for special events and holding NFT auctions to generate support. To date, Hope for Haiti has raised more than $500,000 through cryptocurrency donations to support the nonprofit’s work in Haiti.

Hope for Haiti aims to improve the quality of life for Haitians in the southern region of the country, particularly children, through education, healthcare, water, infrastructure and more.

In the next five years, Hope for Haiti will be working to implement a short- and long-term plan for earthquake relief and recovery that focuses on importing and distributing $90 million worth of medication, supplies and equipment to support the healthcare ecosystem in southern Haiti.

Over the next three years, Hope for Haiti will also provide medical consultations to 200,000 patients; increase access to clean water for 50,000 families; provide more than $1 million in grants and loans to micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses; and help reconstruct more than 20 schools and healthcare facilities. Hope for Haiti will work with the Ministry of Health in Haiti to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing education on disease prevention and providing vaccines.

Under Badenoch’s leadership, the organization has more than doubled the number of people that it reaches through its programming. With cash resources just under $5 million in 2016, Badenoch was able to help grow the organization’s annual revenue to $13 million in 2021.

“Throughout the pandemic, Skyler served as a spokesperson and volunteer consultant to nonprofits seeking to find ways to raise resources and continue programming in the face of the many challenges caused by the pandemic,” Badenoch’s team said. “Following the 2021 earthquake, Badenoch traveled to Haiti to work alongside his colleagues in response to the disaster that resulted in the loss of livelihood for hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti, including children and Hope for Haiti team members.”

Prior to joining Hope for Haiti, Badenoch worked for buildOn, where he spent 10 years managing participatory school construction programs in Haiti, Nicaragua and Malawi. During that time, he helped raise more than $10 million to support global education and the construction of more than 500 schools in rural villages in the developing world. He serves as a global board member at buildOn and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale, where he advises senior leadership on key partnerships and development.

“I plan on continuing to improve on my skills as a listener of others and be in service to the people and the causes that I care about,” Badenoch said.

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Honoree Fun fact

Skyler was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa where among other things he learned how to grow and cultivate cashew nuts, casava, corn, tomatoes, okra, peanuts, and romaine lettuce. Skyler received an undergraduatedegree in Economics at the University of Arizona, and a Master’s degree in InternationalDevelopment Studies at the George Washington University. He currently resides inScottsdale, Arizona with his wife Sahar and his two daughters, Lillian and Layla.

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