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Sean Moshir

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
CellTrust Corporation

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Founded: 2006
Industry: Mobile Communication Software

In 2006, Sean Moshir predicted a world where the mobile phone would be used to validate a person’s identity, and to do so it would need to provide a secure exchange of confidential data. With that in mind, Moshir co-founded CellTrust, the company he leads today as Co-Founder & CEO.

Even though at the time few people would consider banking on their mobile phone, today it’s commonplace, just as Moshir envisioned.

“I always do a lot of research to stay ahead of the curve and believe in a high level of communication and collaboration with others to remain leading edge,” he said.

CellTrust is a global leader in enterprise mobile communications, compliance enforcement, traceability and security for highly regulated industries. CellTrust’s SL2 mobile compliance technology is now the global market leader, used by tens of thousands of people in the financial services, government and healthcare industries across 100- plus countries.

Moshir aimed to make CellTrust the first company to patent an innovation for secure communication. It is called CellTrust SL2, and it was developed to manage and archive text communications that support regulatory financial compliance. CellTrust SL2 has dominated the broker-dealer-client mobile communications space because of its ability to capture and archive text and voice communication both on personal and corporate devices.

Local and state government agencies are another important sector for CellTrust because government agencies are often required to produce communications for specific date ranges as part of public records requests, including digital messages. Within one year, CellTrust SL2 had more than 100 enterprise customers with thousands of users around the world and a 1,900% growth in revenue.

CellTrust is on track to become the largest provider of messaging for regulated industries within the next five years. CellTrust’s mobile products, paired with its strategic partner ecosystem of industry leaders, will make it easier to balance mobile productivity and enforce regulatory compliance while protecting its customers’ data.

Moshir has led several industry-changing technology initiatives during his career. He is credited with founding the now multimillion dollar security patch vulnerability management and remediation space when he established PatchLink Corporation (now Ivanti). Under Moshir’s lead, PatchLink became one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Fortune 500 companies such as Shell, Lockheed Martin, Novell, IBM, Thompson, Kraft Foods, Harley Davidson and Bank of America sought out PatchLink for their security expertise.

“Sean is a cybersecurity visionary with experience in growing companies and leading them through hypergrowth, working with VCs, private equity and investors,” Moshir’s team said. “Moshir is a hardworking and versatile person with a knack for recognizing the raw energy in people.”

Moshir has attracted over $50 million in investment and venture capital for his companies in Arizona. His most recent venture, CellTrust, was recognized in 2020 as the No. 196 fastest-growing private company on the prestigious Inc. 500 list and ranked as the No. 4 fastest-growing private company in the telecommunications industry category on the Inc. 5000.

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Did you know?

Sean loves owning and driving exotic, fast cars.  He’s also a big fan of living and doing business in Arizona. “I’ve lost count over the last twenty years as to the number of times investors have tried to get me to move one of my companies out of Arizona to California”, says Moshir. He persisted to remain loyal to his home state and began working with the Arizona Technology Council, the Arizona Commerce Authority to build a pipeline of aspiring software engineers and cybersecurity experts in Arizona.

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