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Monica Villalobos

President & CEO
Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Founded: 1948
Industry: Non-Profit

In her role as President and CEO of the Arizona HIspanic Chamber of Commerce, Monica Villalobos prioritizes continued learning.

“I am a lifelong learner and there is no one lesson, only an accumulation of many great experiences to serve my community,” she said. “I do let go of those things that no longer serve my purpose to bring value to others.

“Every encounter with another is an opportunity for a teachable moment to remove bias, myths and disinformation about cultural differences. I’ll keep doing that every chance I get!”

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce aims to promote the success of Hispanic-owned businesses by facilitating business relationships, economic development and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of the state of Arizona and the growth and success of the members of the Chamber.

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is committed to representing members and Hispanic-owned businesses of all sizes. The Chamber provides leadership and long-lasting relationships in the business community, while remaining accountable and committed to the interests of its members, it said.

Villalobos was vice president of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for about seven years until rising to President and CEO three years ago. She led the organization through the pandemic and has been a pivotal leader to Hispanics in Arizona and to the general community. “Her leadership is extraordinary and continues to learn and adapt during these times to serve the people,” her team said. “Her stage presence when speaking is electrifying and she knows how to engage and capture the audience. As the CEO and President, Monica is understanding, a great listener, and always there for her team that she values dearly.”

Villalobos played a key role in bringing the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to Arizona for its convention this fall. Her vision to help Latino business owners was recognized by the board of directors and staff of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“Villalobos brings in a lot of innovative ideas and inspires her staff as well to think above and beyond,” her team said. “In addition, her positive attitude is essential energy that she brings to the community and the team on a daily basis. It is a privilege to work under her.”

Villalobos is the operator of the Phoenix Minority Business Development Agency Business Center, Native American Business and Economic Development Center and Ascend Phoenix, funded by JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

Villalobos completed a Master of Arts degree in communications at Seton Hall University with honors. She is also a graduate of UCLA with a double major in linguistics and psychology. She has also been editor-in-chief of 18 research publications over the last eight years.

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Did you know?

She is a passionate soccer mom with TWO yellow cards. Or she learned to speak Quechua, the language of the native Incas, in college.

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