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David Jemmett

CEO & Founder
Cerberus Sentinel

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Founded: 2019
Industry: Managed Compliance and Cybersecurity Provider

David Jemmett has more than 35 years of executive management and technology experience with telecommunications, managed services and cybersecurity consulting.

In that time, and working with several different companies, Jemmett saw what he viewed as a problem: ownership inequities, where investment firms and executives hold the majority of profits.

So he set out to do something different, and in 2019 Cerberus Sentinel was born. The cybersecurity services provider pulls together the top cyber experts across the globe and gives each a stake of ownership in what they are building together. Every employee, in fact, earns shares of the company and therefore has a personal stake in its success.

“In this way, Jemmett is not only creating microcosms of cybersecurity cultures within client organizations, but a more globally impactful force for good,” his team said. “When a company joins Cerberus Sentinel, all employees earn and become shareholders. So, we’re all in it together, working to safeguard organizations, side-byside, where cybersecurity is a culture, not a product.”

Cerberus Sentinel is an industry leader in managed cybersecurity and compliance. The company is in an expansion phase, acquiring cybersecurity, secured managed services and compliance companies. The company is on pace to double in size in the next year.

The cybersecurity landscape continues to rapidly evolve, and Jemmett has made it a priority for his employees to stay ahead of the curve, bringing on seasoned teams of experts and growing through acquisitions. The company aims to not only improve security for individual businesses but also to raise the bar on global cybersecurity policies and procedures across the industry.

“Very shortly after I started my first company, I realized, people are your greatest asset and investment,” Jemmett said. “My first company was just a dream until I had people come aboard and made the dream become a reality. They are part of the reality of making a successful company. Which is why every employee at Cerberus Sentinel gets a stake of ownership in what they are building together — a preeminent global provider of advanced cybersecurity services.”

Jemmett has provided his expertise to Congressional and Senate subcommittees and appeared on CBS, CNN, MSNBC and CSPAN.

Jemmett has specialized expertise in cybersecurity, healthcare, compliance and government regulations, and has been intimately involved in designing, building, revamping, and/or managing networks and data centers worldwide, his team said.

“Remaining influential and an industry leader requires listening and learning from other industry experts, our clients and employees,” Jemmett said. “It is all about people. I continue to evolve from the talented people that work at Cerberus Sentinel.”

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Honoree Fun fact

Jemmett experienced his very first cyber attack in 1992, when his station at work continued to be shut down every single day. He worked with law enforcement to track down those responsible and was shocked when told that the four teenagers responsible were detained by the FBI for prosecution. David intervened and was able to help negotiate for 2 years’ probation in exchange for their coming to work for him daily. After years under Jemmett’s mentorship, all four became (and continue to work as) highly successful experts in their own rights.

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