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David DeLorenzo

Connector & Protector
Bar and Restaurant Insurance

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Founded: 2000
Industry: Insurance

David DeLorenzo started his professional career promoting rock stars, including his idol, Eddie Van Halen. Eventually, though, he outgrew the lifestyle required to keep up in that industry and returned to Arizona to work at his father’s insurance company.

It was there, at Ambassador Group, that DeLorenzo started as an agent and carved out a niche in hospitality insurance. That eventually led to him launching his own business in the industry and buying his father’s firm.

Today, DeLorenzo’s Bar and Restaurant Insurance is the largest company of its type in Arizona. Beyond providing insurance, the company is involved with liquor laws and regulations and providing clients with liquor training and hiring help. It has partnered with various organizations within the service industry as well.

“It is more than just a transaction. It is really helping these businesses grow and in a way that they don’t have fear,” DeLorenzo said. “We want to always provide added value and extra beyond the insurance.”

DeLorenzo runs a podcast and lives by what he calls the three Fs: food, fitness and focus. Getting away from the rock star promotion game allowed him to cut back on the partying and focus on his health. He said he tries to inject fun into his business and wants to use his platform to mentor and give back to the community while inspiring others to do the same.

“Insurance is not sexy nor a lot of fun,” he admitted. “But based on our attitude and learning, we do all we can to make it fun and easy for those that trust and choose us. I have spent 20 years to build this little empire and reputation. My goal now is to keep the staff engaged, excited, and to give back. I love to give back to [the] community, share the success we have had with other local companies and organizations and always do the right thing.”

DeLorenzo has received numerous awards and recognitions, including Volunteer of the Year by the Arizona Restaurant Association and a Top Specialty Broker for Hospitality by Insurance Journal.

“To be able to come to work and feel excited about getting to see my work family every day and to know that I am helping support them while they support me is my greatest achievement,” DeLorenzo said. “It took a lot of maturity and mistakes to get to that point. This by far is my greatest accomplishment. Better than some plaque on a wall.”

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Honoree Fun fact

Worked in the music business for years. Got to see the behind the scenes of what really goes on back stage. Drove many artists to and around town at a very young age. Neil Diamond, Shania Twain, Journey, and lot's more. That help me grow up really fast and know that I loved people no matter who they were, they were just people.

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