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Cyntoni Miller

Black On The Job

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Founded: 2019
Industry: Career Services

Cyntoni Miller grew up in Compton, California, and attended Howard University. The difference between her home and her school was stark and made a profound impact on her perspective and career trajectory.

“She experienced a transition from being in a Black community that was not doing well into one that was prosperous, and noted that the gap between both came from education and resources,” her team said.

Miller partnered with Saidou Diallo and together, in 2019, they launched Black On The Job, aimed at helping the Black community overcome economic disparity by providing resume and career development services.

The network and career development organization empowers Black people by helping them find and develop the best version of themselves using proven resume writing, interview and hiring techniques.

The company is closing in on $2 million in annual revenue and 50% year-over-year growth, helping clients reach more than $50 million in total salary increases. To date, it has helped more than 80,000 people advance in their workplaces.

In the next five years, the company aims to push the salary increase number to $150 million. “Black On The Job’s goal is to reach well beyond the U.S. and significantly elevate the economic standards of Black communities all over the world,” Miller’s team said. “In five years, we expect to have contributed extensively to closing the wage gap that Black communities experience and solidified the company name as a giant in the professional development industry. We also hope to have become a household name to Black people who are in need of tools to reach and exceed their career and economic dreams.”

As CEO of Black On The Job, Miller aims to set the right tone through listening, setting the right example and continuing education.

“The work that I do at Black On The Job is larger than myself and anything that I could possibly imagine,” she said. “It is revolutionary work that will continue to impact the Black community for generations to come. I believe that you cannot help a community you do not hear, and you cannot hear a community you do not listen to.”

Miller has conducted more than 1,700 workshops and speaking engagements for over 15 different organizations, including sororities, colleges and technology companies. She provides career mentorship and hosts weekly career coaching sessions on Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook group Black On The Job with Admin Cyn had more than 60,000 members as of February 2022.

“Of all her many accomplishments, Cyntoni is most proud of how much is recorded in increased salaries,” her team said. “Black On The Job’s driving force is reducing the blatant wage disparity Black people experience within the workplace. Every testimonial from a client to report a salary increase from using BOTJ’s services takes her a step further toward this goal.”

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Honoree Fun fact

Cyntoni enjoys exploring adventurous travel destinations and spending quality time with her family. She is also an amazing cook!

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