Honoree Headshot

Bret A. Larsen

Chief Executive Officer
eVisit, Inc.

Location: Mesa, AZ
Founded: 2014
Industry: Healthcare

One of the biggest challenges Bret Larsen has encountered as CEO of eVisit, Inc. is not merely running a successful telehealth business, it’s getting the massive healthcare industry to shift its thinking on telehealth in general.

“Bret Larsen has been successful at changing the mindset of the healthcare industry when it comes to the value of virtual care,” Larsen’s team said. “He’s done so by positioning the technology not as something meant to replace the health system or the practice of in-person care, but instead as something that can enhance these pillars of medicine. Larsen has overcome the massive inertia that exists in healthcare and has influenced some of the top health systems in the world to adopt the eVisit platform.”

eVisit’s mission is to help hospitals deliver care to the right place at the right time, to protect the providerpatient relationship and to simplify healthcare delivery. The company’s virtual care platform enables hospitals to deliver more convenient care to patients at reduced costs and higher revenue.

eVisit grew revenue by 400% from 2018 to 2021, including a 150% year-over-year increase between 2020 and 2021. Larsen successfully led the company’s release of an enhanced eVisit platform in February 2021 and the launch of an eAnalyze dashboard for clients.

Over the next five years, eVisit aims to evolve beyond virtual care. Its mission is to give patients immediate access to care via phone, web search or visit to an urgent care facility. eVisit is also introducing an algorithm to screen for diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and certain types of cancer. “The algorithm eVisit is using to detect diabetes risk is 11% more accurate than the current industry standard,” the company said.

Larsen founded eVisit in his 20s, and as healthcare company executives go, he’s on the younger side. He’s had good mentors guiding him along the way, Larsen said. “I have two mentors who showed me that leading a company is not about you. It is about the team and the customer,” he said.

Inc. Magazine recognized eVisit as one of America’s fastest-growing companies in 2021, ranking 2,300 on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list. In September 2021, Larsen helped close a $45 million round of Series B funding with Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The nation’s leader in occupational healthcare and telemedicine, Concentra, selected the eVisit enterprise care delivery platform to power its Concentra Telemed service offering.

“We are disrupting the disruption in healthcare,” Larsen said. “The key to true, continued innovation is to keep challenging yourself, the team and our product technology. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do to improve overall patient care so we can identify a patient’s needs before it is too late.”

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Honoree Fun fact

Bret Larsen was born in Saudi Arabia and is fluent in three languages – English, Spanish, and Bahasa Indonesian.

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