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Angela Harrolle

The 100 Club of Arizona

Location: Maricopa County, AZ
Founded: 1968
Industry: Non-Profit

A tragedy can knock down most people. But most people aren’t Angela Harrolle.

In 2008, Bruce Harrolle of the Arizona Department of Public Safety was tragically killed while trying to rescue two hikers on Bear Mountain in Sedona.

Within 24 hours, the 100 Club of Arizona visited Angela, Bruce’s wife, and provided her with a check for $15,000.

“This was a blessing like no other,” Angela said. “It gave me time to plan a funeral, hold my children tighter, and figure out how to create a new normal for my smaller family. From that moment forward I was compelled to give back to the organization that did so much for me during my darkest hours.”

Angela Harrolle started as a volunteer with the organization and for the last seven years has served as CEO of the 100 Club of Arizona. The nonprofit, founded in 1968, provides financial assistance to families of first responders who are injured or killed in the line of duty.

“If my personal story or that of someone that we have directly helped as an organization is beneficial to providing guidance during challenging times, then I intend to continue sharing those stories,” Harrolle said. “Those stories demonstrate hope of perseverance and gratitude.”

Under Harrolle’s leadership, the 100 Club of Arizona has increased its annual budget by 190% and led implementation of two mental health and wellness apps as resources for all first responders in Arizona. She also pushed for legislation to provide health insurance to families with a loved one killed in the line of duty.

Her work has extended to the Minnesota 100 Club’s fundraising efforts, and she lent her expertise to a Nevada chapter of the organization that launched last year.

“However, the moments that she is most proud of are those that few ever see,” her staff said. “Those moments are when she is able to connect with a widow or family member and provide them hope during a very dark time in their lives. To sit with them, often saying nothing, to provide comfort and direction when they are the most lost.”

Harrolle previously served as a special agent with the U.S. Department of State. She has a unique perspective from both working in public safety and being a recipient of the services provided by the 100 Club when she lost her husband.

“She is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to this organization,” her staff said. “Angela’s drive and passion for our public safety as a whole are second to none.

“You meet Angela and hear her speak and it draws you to get involved and want to help. Angela is so passionate about providing support to our dedicated public safety professionals.”

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Honoree Fun fact

Angela worked closely with some incredible leaders in this world such as Nelson Mandela, Oprah, the Dahli Lama, and Colin Powell.

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