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Trisheana Barzar Hunter

Owner & Transformational Life Coach

Moving Mountains Coaching LLC

Location: Mesa, AZ

Founded: 2018

Industry: Mental Health and Coaching

Trisheana Barzar Hunter has overcome immense adversity and challenges in her own life, and now she works to help others do the same as a transformational life coach and owner of Moving Mountains Coaching LLC.

Hunter spent a significant part of her elementary and high school years learning to live with a severe and rare form of brain trauma. She has survived brain surgeries, septic shock and strokes and has been a victim of assault.

Today, Hunter holds three master’s degrees in management, psychology and industrial-organizational psychology. She is a certified life coach, mental health coach and healthy sexuality and couples coach.

“Trisheana is aware that the odds were against her and she defied everyone,” her team said. “She is very proud of that. She didn’t stop with herself. She helped anyone willing to try defy the odds as well.”

Hunter works closely with individuals who have experienced trauma, crisis, illness or pain, whether physical or emotional. She provides a relatable one-on-one coaching experience that empowers her clients to discover the best within themselves, her team said. She has experience working with individuals facing a range of challenges, including PTSD, anxiety, overthinking, low self-esteem and various forms of trauma or illness.

“As a survivor herself, Trisheana understands how difficult it can be to create positive change while facing tremendous and even unbearable obstacles,” her team said. “But through her own journey, she has learned that every mountain can be moved if you are willing to take the first step.”

When Hunter was working through her own challenges, she found there was not enough support in the mental health or motivational space, no one who could relate to what she was going through. She made it her mission to help people who were suffering, just as she did, and Moving Mountains Coaching was born out of that mission.

Despite her own adversity, Hunter volunteers in schools, has raised two daughters as a single mother and put her business on solid footing as it continues to grow. The company plans more courses, group functions and lectures in the coming years, and it recently launched a podcast.

“I work to improve myself in all areas of my life daily. Coaching is no exception,” Hunter said. “I am always growing and evolving to provide my clients with the very best I can offer as their coach. I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge of providing a culturally responsive approach to coaching and continue to meet each and every client exactly where they are and provide them with an individualized plan that helps them move mountains in their lives.”

The company plans more courses, group functions and lectures in the coming years.


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Trisheana Loves hiking and writing, she sings at home all the time and loves collecting vinyl


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