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Stephanie Kinsey


Total Networks

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Founded: 1986

Industry: Industry; IT Services

Some leaders fear change or resist it, but the IT industry is constantly changing, and Stephanie Kinsey leans into it.

“One thing that never changes with IT is that it is continually changing,” said the CEO and CFO of Total Networks. “As a technology industry leader, I need to embrace change. By challenging myself and my team to learn and evaluate options, we will continue to help our clients stay efficient, innovative and secure.” 

Total Networks provides managed IT support. The company offers two IT support plans: Total Support and Support Assist. Under the Total Support plan, clients outsource all or a portion of their IT needs for a fixed monthly fee. With the Support Assist plan, Total Networks provides strategic assistance to clients with in-house IT staff. 

“Our techs answer the phones live; we don’t just take a message and call you back when it is convenient for us — we value your time too much for that,” the company said. “Time is the most precious commodity that we all have. We honor your time by being efficient and effective in working with you. Total Networks exists to give you more time and help you achieve your business objectives. Our goal is simple: help you optimize your technology, reduce IT risks and improve productivity.” 

Under Kinsey’s leadership, Total Networks is the only company in Arizona to have achieved the CompTIA Security Trustmark, a third-party validation of the company’s commitment to consistently follow IT security best practices. The CompTIA Security Trustmark identifies solution providers that consistently follow security best practices by helping companies to identify regulatory compliance gaps and address problem areas in security policies, processes and planning.

Prior to Total Networks, Kinsey was a senior project manager and owner at CMX, a Phoenix-based civil engineering company. She is a graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and is a registered professional engineer.  She brings 30 years’ experience in engineering and consulting to her role at Total Networks. Kinsey and her husband, Dave, purchased Total Networks from the founder in 2008. At that time, the company had five employees and was providing hourly billable consulting services.  They quickly shifted the business into a full-service managed IT provider, delivering services for a monthly fee. 

Kinsey and her team have grown the business from five employees to 26. Revenue has increased by nearly 700%. 

Kinsey is responsible for executive leadership and execution at Total Networks. “She excels in efficiency, management and organizational skills,” her team said. 

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Did you know?

Stephanie attended high school at TASIS England, an international college preparatory school outside of London. As a boarding student, she was given the opportunity to participate in educational travel programs in many countries including Germany, Greece, Ireland and the former Soviet Union. These study experiences gave her invaluable cultural and diversity perspectives.


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