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Julie King

President & CEO

Harmon Electric, Inc.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Founded: 1975

Industry: Electrical Contracting/Solar Photovoltaic

Julie King has been at the helm of Harmon Electric Inc. since she and her husband purchased the business from her parents in 2005, putting her in a leadership role ever since. 

While she has guided the company to incredible growth and new avenues for revenue, she recognizes her limitations.

“Being a leader doesn’t mean that you know everything,” she said. “A good leader knows her strengths and weaknesses. An effective leader surrounds herself with those whose strengths support her weakness. Forming a team to accomplish goals is far more effective and satisfying. When trying to man the ship alone, it can be frustrating and much harder to get to the next level.” 

Harmon Electric provides solar and electrical services for commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout Arizona. Based in Phoenix, Harmon is a second-generation family-run business serving the state since 1975. “Our highly skilled team of electricians, technicians, engineers, designers and project managers brings decades of experience to each project,” the company said. “Quality craftsmanship, integrity, and a commitment to customer satisfaction have been the driving force in serving a variety of industries including, but not limited to, renewable energy and utilities.” 

In the early 1970s, Richard Harmon worked as a service electrician for a local grocery chain. When the company and several others began closing locations in Arizona, Harmon saw an opportunity and created Harmon Electric. The company continued to grow, incorporating in 1979 and moving to its first commercial location in downtown Phoenix. In 2005, Harmon was battling cancer and could no longer run the business. His daughter, Julie King, and son-in-law Dan King purchased the company and set out to turn around the then-ailing business. 

In 2008, the company launched its solar energy division, injecting new revenue into the business. In 2013, Harmon Solar became a founding member of the Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance. With this new division, Harmon Electric Inc. is a full-service energy partner with the ability to accommodate commercial and residential solar system design and installation projects and electrical contracting work.  

The company’s primary business is rooftop solar for homes and businesses, and it has plans to be the go-to company for electrical, chargers, batteries and solar operations, serving the entire state of Arizona. 

Harmon is included in the Phoenix Business Journal’s book of lists for Largest Phoenix-Area Women-Owned Business as well as Largest Phoenix-Area Solar Installers. Of all the awards and recognitions, King is most proud of the Most Influential Women in Arizona Business for 2020 award. 

“Being part of the AZ Big Media Most influential women was a great honor for me,” King said. “I hope that with this honor I can be a role model for other women in executive positions, especially those in male-dominated fields. I am often the quiet one behind the scenes, and I am hopeful that given this honor will resonate with others in similar positions and reinforce the importance of their roles.”

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Did you know?

Julie holds a second job. She’s a fitness instructor, teaching spinning, strength training, bootcamp … but for many who know her, the most surprising is yoga.


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