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Juan J. Vega

Chief Executive Officer

Women's Health Arizona

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Founded: 2007

Industry: Healthcare

The foundation of most decisions at Women’s Health Arizona is based on two principles: Does it make it easier for providers to see patients? Does it improve patient care and the patient experience?

That focus on care and patient experience, plus the development and value of a strong team, has allowed Juan J. Vega to make a mark since his hire last year as CEO of Women’s Health Arizona. 

“My greatest leadership lesson came from the understanding and realization that to truly have success in leading people, your team must first and foremost know that you care for them and place their success and growth as your utmost priority,” Vega said. “I am a firm believer in the reality that people will work more diligently towards a common vision if they first realize that they exist as much more than a means to an end.”

Women’s Health Arizona is the largest OB/GYN practice in the state and comprises 120+ providers ranging from nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and physicians across the Valley. 

Vega graduated from Notre Dame in 2007 and took a finance job with Ford near Detroit. He and his wife, Vanessa, moved to Phoenix in 2009 to be closer to family, and Vega took a finance job for a women’s and children’s healthcare company. He rose through the ranks over eight years there before shifting to a director of business development role for a growing orthopedic company. He then worked for a nephrology company, where Vega led 40 offices and more than 70 providers. In that role, Vega led annual revenue increases of $2.5 million. Vega was then recruited to the CEO role at Women’s Health Arizona. 

“I believe that the greatest enemy of success is complacency,” Vega said. “To remain influential, an individual must never lose his passion for growth and development. It is through a focus on being a lifelong learner that allows a leader to remain relevant and constantly able to successfully solve problems.”

In the next five years, WHAZ will more than double its providers and revenue. It expects to have over 300 providers and grow additional specialties to support overall healthcare for women. Growth into additional women’s health specialties outside of OB/GYN care is already taking place and will become a core specialty for WHAZ. Those specialties include maternal-fetal medicine, mammography and laboratory services. Women’s Health Arizona will grow its footprint in all parts of Arizona, including Tucson, Prescott and Flagstaff, and coverage in the outlying areas. 

“Juan possesses a lot of the key traits and characteristics that are required for good people to become leaders and for leaders to become successful,” his team said. “He has drive, determination, a passion to do what is right for patients, and a passion to help his team and employees learn and grow.” 

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Did you know?

Juan is proud alumnus of Notre Dame. He attends at least 2 games per year and like to brings his wife and three children to at least one of those games in South Bend, Indiana.


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