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James Bates

CEO & Founder

AdviNOW Medical

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Founded: 2016

Industry: Health Technology

Throughout his career, James Bates has been involved in some of the most important consumer technological breakthroughs, from the mobile phone to medical devices to automotive.  

Before his current role as CEO and founder of AdviNOW Medical, Bates ran a $1 billion business in self-driving vehicle technology, the largest vendor of advanced driver-assisted system technology in the world. In 2016, Bates shifted to healthcare technology. As he examined a chain of urgent care clinics, Bates realized more than 60% of the cost of providing care is administrative. The dots then connected and Bates’ vision was to use the same artificial intelligence and augmented reality used in self-driving vehicles to eliminate the administrative burden of healthcare. 

AdviNOW Medical is the first company to automate the medical visit from registration through physician interaction all the way through follow-up. Bates has assembled a team of industry leaders in cloud applications, medical expertise, and artificial intelligence to invent this new experience. 

“AdviNOW Medical is reinventing the way the patient journey is managed and leading the world in artificial intelligence transformation in the space,” Bates said. “We have introduced augmented reality medical measurements that enable remote care while delivering the first end-to-end scribe in the medical practices. 

“As healthcare continues to evolve, we are excited to continue to lead as the thought leaders in healthcare 2.0. Our vision is to provide every person access to care by fundamentally lowering costs.” 

The three founding principles of AdviNow Medical are to optimize the provider time for diagnosis and treatment while maintaining personal interaction with the patient; to implement the democratization of healthcare, giving access to healthcare automation to all; and to improve outcomes and satisfaction for patients. 

Bates is fluent in Japanese and active with the National Association of Corporate Directors. 

He personally was involved with the world’s first digital mobile phone integrated chipset and designed the voiceband section. Over one billion people talked through his circuit during the life of this product. 

Bates has been acknowledged as one of the top leaders in Arizona in 2022 for Healthcare Innovation, and AdviNOW was listed as one of 16 finalists for the 2022 Venture Madness Capital Conference. 

“James’ curiosity drove him to explore and understand the true state of healthcare in America, the challenges we have and the proposals to fix it,” his team said. “Rather than accept those solutions, James dug deep and got beyond the loud political opinions to find the root cause of high cost in our healthcare system. He discovered the administrative overhead and visualized how artificial intelligence and augmented reality can eliminate it and allow medical practices to scale.”

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Did you know?

James lived in Japan for 12 years and is fluent in Japanese.


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