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Greg Hague

Founder & CEO


Location: Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

Founded: 2017

Industry: Real Estate

Greg Hague isn’t just out to run a successful real estate business; he’s aiming to revamp how the industry operates entirely. 

The firm 72SOLD that he founded and runs as CEO uses an auction-like process to sell homes to buyers bidding against each other, driving up the sale price. And it saves sellers from the headache of daily showings. The company sells homes in 72 hours and allows sellers to choose their best closing date and remain in their homes for up to six months after closing.

“Greg Hague is disrupting residential real estate the way Uber disrupted the taxi industry and Amazon disrupted the bookstores, and then the retail industry,” his team said. “Fighting huge resistance from entrenched traditionalists, Hague has persisted by focusing on consumer benefit and disregarding flak from those in his industry making huge money with the present system, and therefore resistant to change. It takes a big vision, a unique personal fortitude, and dynamic leadership to do what Hague is doing to an industry that generated billions in revenue and is steeped in traditional ways.”

The numbers say Hague’s concept is working. 72SOLD is now in 38 states, and revenue is growing fast. The company did $15 million in revenue in 2020, reached $60 million in 2021 and is on track for $200 million in 2022. The company is expected to go public within three years. 

“The relentless pursuit of new and better ways to improve the consumer experience is what gets me up in the morning,” Hague said. “How can I take more friction out of the transaction? How can I better inspire my agents to embrace change? I force myself to think as though I’m rebuilding the real estate industry from the ground up. Innovation is everything.” 

72SOLD’s home selling program has been featured on ABC, CBS, and NBC News. The company was also showcased in Forbes and has received several U.S. trademarks. Hague was called a “real estate visionary” by Real Estate Today, served as a keynote speaker at 450 real estate, corporate and entrepreneurial events, and appeared on more than 200 TV and radio shows.

Hague credits a chance encounter with John Paul DeJoria, founder of Paul Mitchell hair products and Patrón tequila, as teaching his greatest leadership lesson. Hague was on a flight home from a speaking engagement about 10 years ago and was seated next to DeJoria. DeJoria told Hague, “success unshared is a failure.” 

“He went on to say that leadership isn’t about the position you hold, but rather, the person you are and how you help those around you,” Hague recalled. “He said a true leader empowers others to become leaders in their own right.”

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Did you know?

Greg Hague was attacked by a bear, crashed his motorcycle in Africa, was a drummer in a popular rock band, and force-landed his private plane on a remote island in the Atlantic where he was stranded for several days.


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