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Deborah Medina-Gach


Senor Rio Tequila

Location: Queen Creek

Founded: 2007

Industry: Liquor

Family is the impetus for Senor Rio tequila, and that’s not just some hokey marketing slogan.  

Deborah Medina-Gach had not seen her father in three decades when she and her husband, Jonathan, took a trip to visit him in Mexico. During the emotional reunion, Medina-Gach’s father offered some tequila, from a recipe that dated back generations and was made exclusively for family and friends. 

Medina-Gach wanted to bring her family tequila to the masses. She ditched her real estate job and her husband left his accountant role to launch their tequila business in Arizona. Senor Rio is named for Medina-Gach’s father, and the company logo is his silhouette. Medina-Gach lost her father in 2013, and her husband died in 2018 after battling pancreatic cancer. Their legacies carry on in the business they both helped launch.

“I carried on our business and we started paying tribute to them,” Medina-Gach said. “The message we believe is: Sharing tequila is sharing life. In fact, we believed in this message so much, you can find it in every bottle of Senor Rio tequila produced to this day.”

Jalisco International Imports, Inc. produces, imports, exports, owns and operates the Senor Rio tequila brand. The company’s mission is to provide the highest quality in the ultra-premium tequila category. It has received multiple awards in the San Francisco World Spirits and SIP competitions.  

“It’s funny, the world of alcohol production and consumption almost gets an unfair label, like we’re here to party,” Medina-Gach said. “I see it differently. Our products are here to help you relax, have a quiet moment with a friend or loved one, and reflect on the blessings we’re able to count.”  

Medina-Gach recently started a nonprofit called We Care Crusade, which aims to help families who have children with special needs and may need some assistance. The nonprofit was inspired by Medina-Gach’s twin granddaughters, who have Angelman syndrome. Medina-Gach has partnered with numerous organizations across the greater Phoenix area over the years, donating proceeds from tequila sales directly to organizations that help the less fortunate. 

“I think there needs to be some degree of contribution back to the community that has helped us along the way,” Medina-Gach said. “We need to be honest with ourselves that while we have sacrificed immensely to achieve what we have, we also wouldn’t be where we are without the help and support of the people around us. So, if we can achieve all these things while giving back, I would say that person is definitely a titan.”

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Did you know?

Deborah is an exceptionally well versed aficionado of world class cigars, and often enjoys them with a glass of her Senor Rio Reposado tequila expression!


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