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Brent Orsuga


Pinnacle Growth Advisors

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Founded: 2014

Industry: Executive Recruiting in the Supply Chain Industry

Building a company from a one-man, bedroom operation into a seven-figure business doesn’t happen overnight. Brent Orsuga, founder of Pinnacle Growth Advisors, knows building on each day and setting the right course is how it’s done.

“Set the tone daily and know people follow your lead in every action and interaction,” said Orsuga, who launched his business in 2014.

Pinnacle Growth Advisors is a leading talent advisory firm for logistics companies in the U.S. and Canada, focused on helping companies drive their revenue through their primary competitive advantage: their people.

Orsuga has placed thousands of hires successfully, generating more than $1 billion in bottom-line growth for companies. 

He has embraced his company’s niche, which helps explain his success.

“Becoming the most connected and dialed-in person in this space allows me to serve the companies and candidates in the best manner,” he said. “I have every goal to become a dominant face and voice within the supply chain to bring more awareness to this field.”

Pinnacle was recognized among Arizona State University’s Sun Devil 100 two years running, ranking in the top 10 in fastest-growing alumni organizations. 

Orsuga advises proactivity in the recruiting, interviewing, hiring and retention phases. He’s proactive about where to take his company, too, with an emphasis on technology. The company predicts staffing and revenue to increase fivefold in the coming years, with an emphasis on e-commerce and fulfillment centers.

“The industry is pivoting towards technology, and we are following that trend,” Orsuga said. “Technology is no longer an option but a necessity within the industry. My goal is to branch out internationally as well, as logistics is something that is truly global. I also want to see us getting into mergers and acquisitions and helping companies be bought by other big firms. I want to expand our team so we have a presence in every major freight market and turn the people there into the subject matter for that area.” 

Orsuga has been featured in many local Arizona magazines, such as So Scottsdale! The Man Issue and People Magazine’s Ones To Watch as well as Modern Luxury Scottsdale’s Modern Men edition. He also has been included in national publications such as Forbes, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance. 

“He lives his life all gas and no brakes,” Orsuga’s staff said. “He invests heavily into himself through coaching and personal development. But the most important thing is Brent’s ability to stay focused and avoid distractions, to be later focused on the goals he is trying to obtain and have a ‘whatever it takes’ mindset to the day.” 

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