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Ashley Bowers


HomeSmart Holdings

Location: Maricopa County, AZ

Founded: 2000

Industry: Real Estate

Ashley Bowers prioritizes two leadership traits in her role as president of HomeSmart Holdings: authenticity and transparency.

“I truly believe being an authentic and transparent leader is the most important thing I can do,” she said. “In today’s world, people are starving for something and someone they can rely on and trust. People want to make a difference and create something great. Creating a safe place for people to do their best is my most important job. Trust and safety is created through transparency and authenticity.”

HomeSmart is a residential real estate sales firm that aims to incorporate technology and service to revolutionize the property transaction process.

Bowers previously worked as president of the U.S. and Canada division at TTI Success Insights, where she led the company’s management team. She joined HomeSmart in Scottsdale as chief operating officer in 2013 and was promoted to president of the franchising company in early 2016.

“Ashley has impacted the company in three major ways: through strategy, execution and culture,” her team said. “She is an industry leader in strategic planning. She was once paid to handle this for other companies, but we are lucky to have her in-house. Ashley leads all of our strategic planning annually, quarterly and monthly at all different levels of the company, from the senior level of leadership all the way down to the department levels.”

In the next few years, HomeSmart aims to grow its agents and transactions while delving into title, mortgage and other real estate services. In the longer term, HomeSmart wants to be a one-stop shop for all things related to real estate transactions. “We believe we have the business model for the future and are positioned to be one of the most attractive real estate brokerages for agents to affiliate and transact with going forward,” Bowers’ team said. “In simple terms, we set goals, build a plan and we execute. This mantra has become the fiber of our organization. It’s what has brought us to our current level of accomplishments, and it will drive us to success for years to come.”

Bowers has ranked on many industry lists, including the 2022 Swanepoel Power 200 as one of the most powerful leaders in the residential real estate brokerage industry, and she has also been awarded top COO in the Swanepoel Trendsetters 200 list in 2017.

Bowers said she gives careful consideration to the message she sends as HomeSmart’s leader and how it may affect the rest of the staff, even in subtle ways.

“Every word you say or don’t say, every action you take or don’t take sends a message intended or not,” she said. “Leadership comes with great responsibility, for others assess their own worth and value to an organization. It’s important to always speak, walk and act with this in mind.”

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Did you know?

Outside of her professional roles, Ashley is a wife and mother of two boys. Her weekends are dominated by family activities in the outdoors including boating, camping and football games.


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