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Angela Hughey

Co-founder & President

ONE Community & ONE Community Foundation

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Founded: 2008

Industry: Community Organization

In 2008, Angela Hughey and her wife, Sheri, invested their life savings into creating an organization that was long overdue. Hughey envisioned building a coalition between the LGBTQ community and the business community in Arizona. Hughey knew how to build alliances, make friends, gain allies, reach across the aisle and make a persuasive argument for equality to business leaders. She showed them that building equality wasn’t just the right thing to do, it equated to good business.

“It’s crucial to meet people where they are at,” Hughey said. “We all come into whatever situation or discussion we’re in with our own unique lived experiences. Those experiences shape our world view and our view of others. Find things you can agree on, and grow your relationship from there. And never forget that what we all have in common is our basic humanity.”

ONE Community is a coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals pushing forward diversity, inclusion, equity and equality for Arizona. In 2013, ONE Community launched what is described as the largest equality pledge in the nation, the UNITY Pledge. The pledge is an effort by Arizona businesses, organizations, faith leaders and others to advance workplace equality and equal treatment in housing and public accommodations for LGBTQ individuals and their allies.

“Angela’s innovative educational and advocacy programs have built the foundation for ONE Community’s actionable work,” her team said. “ Each year brings new victories and new challenges on the path to true equality for all Arizonans. She continues to build the bridges and the partnerships that will get us there and promises that she will not rest until we reach the goal of creating an Arizona and a nation that truly celebrates, respects and protects us all.”  

Over the next five years, ONE Community aims to deliver long-term economic small business recovery, workshops and training to LGBTQ-owned businesses throughout Arizona. ONE Community will also prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion training and wage growth while also celebrating LGBTQ Arizonans and historically marginalized communities. 

Hughey is a 2012 graduate of Valley Leadership Institute. She was appointed to the City of Phoenix and State of Arizona 2020 Complete Count Census Committees, and currently serves on the boards of the Phoenix Community Alliance, Visit Mesa and Visit Phoenix. She has been recognized with numerous awards and honors, including the 2018 Positively Powerful Woman of Equality Leadership Award and 2018 Diversity Leadership Alliance Diversity Leader honoree. She is a 2020 Phoenix Mercury Believe in Women and In Business Magazine Women of Achievement honoree and a 2021 Phoenix Business Journal Most Admired Leader. 

“Our work is not transactional, it is transformational,” Hughey said. “As a leader I will continue to influence others in the most effective way to build coalitions and partnerships. Our work on a national scale, with partners across the nation, is inspiring impactful dialogue and change.”

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Did you know?

Angela was born in Ohio and raised on an Arabian horse ranch.


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