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In 1999, Wayne Kimmel saw an opportunity to invest in startup tech entrepreneurs, and he was an investor in SeamlessWeb (now public as GrubHub), Take Care Health Systems (now Walgreens’ healthcare clinics) and NutriSystem.

Eventually, SeventySix Capital evolved from a general early stage tech venture capital company to a sports tech venture capital company. Each month Kimmel and his team assess more than 150 sports-related investment opportunities, carefully evaluating each one to see if they would be a good fit to take on as a partner. Kimmel’s network of relationships helps the team evaluate each opportunity, where SeventySix Capital team members have access to industry leaders that might provide guidance on any given situation.

Professional sports team owners and retired NFL players are investors in SeventySix Capital, including Brian Westbrook, DeMarco Murray, James Develin and Emmanuel Sanders.

Kimmel is also the chairman of the SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory, a sports consulting group focused on bringing emerging innovations and technology to sports executives, teams, leagues, brands and athletes. Kimmel and his team also created the SeventySix Capital Athlete Venture Group, which allows professional athletes to invest, learn and work directly with top sports tech startups and entrepreneurs.

“Under Kimmel’s leadership, SeventySix Capital has emerged as a major player among Pennsylvania’s venture capital firms and sportsfocused venture capital firms worldwide,” the company said. “Kimmel played an integral in DraftKings’ acquisition of VSiN in March of 2021. The acquisition has enabled DraftKings to build out its media content capabilities and augmented VSiN’s ability to broaden its audience alongside the expansion of legal sports betting in the U.S.”

Kimmel serves on the board of drectors for many SeventySix Capital investments, including C360, Diamond Kinetics, U.S. Integrity, Nerd Street Gamers, Odds On Compliance, Play by Play Sports Broadcasting Camps and U.S. Integrity.

Kimmel has been named a Top Innovator by Philadelphia Magazine and is on the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Power 100 list. He is on the Board of Einstein Healthcare Network and was on the Board of Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

In 2016 Kimmel released his book — Six Degrees of Wayne Kimmel — sharing his advice on why it is important to think like an entrepreneur, make as many contacts as possible and give back to make the world a better place.

He is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park and the Delaware Law School.


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