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In 2009, Troy A. Beane deployed to Iraq with a fellow national guardsman who also was a senior consultant at Greencastle Consulting.

While deployed, both shared the hardship and experience of military service and built trust and understanding in each other. At the end of deployment, both returned to the civilian workforce. Due to the economic downturn at the time, Beane’s position at a Fortune 100 company was eliminated. Beane’s comrade then recruited him to join Greencastle.

Greencastle Consulting is an all-veteran management consulting company focused on making projects less painful through communication and management. “We perform at our best with Fortune 500 clients that need help executing their strategic plan,” the company said. “Most projects we manage have a budget north of $100 million and are team-based. We implement critical initiatives for our clients. We create structure from chaos. We are recognized as the go-to firm for the complex, no-failure, make-or-break projects.”

After joining Greencastle Consulting, Beane rose through the ranks over the next seven years from associate management consultant and through multiple director positions. In 2019, Beane was named executive director. Since then, Greencastle has sustained year-over-year, double-digit growth and has ascended the ranks of the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies reaching the top 5 for its segment and region. Greencastle has consistently ranked as a Best Place to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal, and Beane is now an owner and the COO of Greencastle Consulting.

The company has ambitious goals, starting with Greencastle becoming a household name in 20 years. It aims to achieve 25% year-over-year growth and by 2027 exceed $100 million in revenue, remain privately held and employ an all-veteran workforce of more than 300 current or former service members.

Beane has a record of life-long service as a Boy Scout, a 21-year career in the military, and as an advisory board member to Chester County and the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations.

“The greatest leadership lesson learned for me is, ‘Check your ego at the door,’” Beane said. “This is a lesson learned from both military service as well as professionally. In the military, it’s easy to see we’re all on the same team, we’re all wearing the same uniform, and we’re all fighting for something larger than ourselves. In business, this is not always so clear … if we are to build something that stands the test of time, we need others to take up the flame, to own the future, and to bring the same level of commitment we had that got us to this point.”


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