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Timothy Javan believes in servant leadership and knows that if you want to produce a good business outcome, you must take care of your people first.

“A leader’s primary responsibility is to serve the people they lead, not the other way around,” said the president of Javan Engineering Inc. “We must help our people grow, achieve their goals, and be fulfilled in their job and life, which ultimately will serve our clients and industry, but a leader cannot achieve anything without their people.”

Javan Engineering Inc. is a consulting engineering company for the pharmaceutical and chemical Industries. The company’s mission is “to hire and reward the best employees for providing the best practical engineering services to the best quality and safety conscious clients!”

Javan joined the company as an entry-level engineer and earned the respect of clients and employees as he rose through the ranks to his current role as president. He has served clients in on-site assignments and worked on several in-house projects at Javan Engineering Inc. He established various departments in support of the company’s client needs, including the pressure relief devices; engineering procurement, construction management; and project management, among others, driving revenue ever since.

“Our motto at Javan is to be better today than you were yesterday, and we think of this both in personal development and industry development terms,” Javan said. “It’s this growth mindset and culture that attracts top employees and clients and will allow us to stay at the forefront of our industry and markets.”

The company has grown consistently over the last 28 years, and it aims to expand its employee count to 400 in three years, 600 in five years and 1,200 in 10 years.

Javan is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), earned his Certified Construction Management (CCM) and has been a member of Vistage International for many years. He has been involved with several charity and nonprofit organizations, including PSU THON, which raises millions of dollars for kids with cancers.

“Tim is a very thoughtful, analytical and extremely goal-oriented leader,” his team said. “He is very resourceful, supportive and dedicated to his trade. He has established various technical and nontechnical trainings for personnel throughout the organization. He is a ferocious reader and is always eager to do better today than he did yesterday. His calm and collective personality lends itself to manage crises and to create calm and quick resolutions to stressful situations.”


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