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Paul J. Becker’s journey to owning his own company started when he lost his summer job in college.

Becker was trying to earn tuition money for Penn State University when the company he worked for went out of business. He suddenly had no summer job and no way to earn tuition. So he went to work.

He quickly partnered with two friends who were in the same position and connected with development companies that Becker had worked with previously. He negotiated subcontract deals, obtained credit with a local building supply company, got insured and bought equipment and a used truck. The trio’s roofing company was born, starting with residential jobs and moving to commercial. Becker eventually bought out his two partners, and today he still runs the business as CEO of DDP Roofing Services, Inc., based in Concordville.

“In 1989, we started as a residential roofing contractor out of a garage,” the company said. “Through hard work, dedication and a strong desire to take care of our customers, we grew into one of the leading commercial roofing providers on the East Coast. Today, we provide consistent and dependable emergency response, repairs and re-roofing to our commercial and retail roofing customers throughout our coverage territory.”

DDP calls itself a “super-regional” company, marketing to corporations based in the Mid- Atlantic and servicing their locations across the U.S. It specializes in roofing inspections, repairs, maintenance and replacements for building owners and managers. The company also does solar inspections, due diligence inspections, condition reports and more. In the next five years, DDP plans to expand its geographic reach, and the company recently opened an Orlando, Florida, location.

“This team will be proud to exceed customer expectations, and customers will be proud to work with our team,” the company said. “It is our intention to always respond and communicate with honesty and integrity, and to be consistent in all of our actions. We will do what we promise by following our procedures at all times. By doing this, we hope to reduce stress, instill confidence and create freedom for our customers, employees, owners and the community.”

DDP has been recognized in the top 1% of all commercial roofing contractors in the U.S. by NRCA. Becker and DDP have been published in Professional Roofing Magazine, INC and Entrepreneurs magazine. Becker said his guiding principle in running his business and leading his team is simple: be kind and respectful of others.

“The leader of the pack determines the rate of the race,” he said. “Lead by example, be kind and empathetic to others who may not be able or capable to keep up with your pace.”


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