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Michael Rappaport worked as a full-time software architect while attending night classes at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Over the course of 10 years, he rose up the ranks to manage a software company and learned the value of hiring quality developers to tackle projects in small teams. This understanding led Michael to create Chariot Solutions in 2002.

Chariot Solutions is an IT consulting firm specializing in software development, systems integration, mobile application development and training. The Chariot team includes many of the top software architects in the area, with deep technical expertise, industry knowledge and a genuine passion for software development.

“Since 2002, Chariot has established a flawless track record of successful projects,” the company said. “By using smaller teams of higher-level consultants with complementary specialties, Chariot develops and delivers scalable and maintainable solutions for our clients, on time and within budget.

Employees set aside 10% of work hours for training, education, community projects or even writing a book. Chariot, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in business this year, started with 10 employees and now has over 60. The company has posted a profit every year it has been in business.

The company is a five-time winner of the Top Workplaces Award from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Inquirer also awarded the company a Corporate Philanthropy Award in 2019. Chariot was named a 2020 IoT Innovators Award winner by CRN.

“The greatest leadership lesson I have learned is probably the power of team decision-making,” Rappaport said. “I have realized the most success by being transparent, sharing all relevant facts and information with my team, involving them in the discussion and trusting the process.”

Every year, Chariot convenes the Emerging Technologies for Enterprise conference, considered the Mid-Atlantic’s premier developers’ conference. The company also hosts Chariot Day, an annual gathering for employees to take the opportunity to teach and learn new skills from one another.

The average employee tenure at Chariot is over 10 years, an extremely high number in an industry that typically sees rapid turnover. Chariot is a promoter of women in technology, and through the efforts of Chariot’s Chief Marketing Officer Tracey Welson- Rossman, supported her creation of TechGirlz, a program to promote STEM education for middle school students.

“For the past 20 years, Chariot has been a major player in the Philadelphia technology community and beyond,” Rappaport said. “We have established a reputation as a top firm that has always maintained strong moral values, prioritizing customer success and employee happiness over maximizing profit. I hope to be able to continue influencing our industry in areas such as increasing diversity and inclusion, and implementing an optimal company culture.”


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