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Golf and reptiles. That’s what gave Matthew Tucker his start as an entrepreneur.

At age 10, Tucker would find lost golf balls in bushes, ponds and fields, then sell his findings to golfers from a booth next to a local golf course. Seven years later, Tucker took his hobby of collecting reptiles and began breeding and importing to distribute to local pet stores and private hobbyists.

His drive to be self-employed continued into adulthood. In his early 20s, Tucker started his third business — maintaining aquariums in business parks, doctors’ offices and private residences. He eventually took a minority ownership role as a sales representative at a technology startup in 2004. Within three years, he became an equal partner and in 2008 was named CEO, the role he still holds today at Pegasus Technologies, LLC.

Pegasus Technologies is an IT services provider for organizations that do not have their own IT team on payroll or have a small IT department that needs assistance. Through the use of automation, cloud services and virtualization, it’s possible for Pegasus to give small businesses a full-service IT department experience at a fraction of the cost of staffing internal employees.

Under Tucker’s leadership, Pegasus Technologies grew from a three-person startup to a 20-employee business that is now recognized as one of the region’s top IT service providers.

In recent years, Tucker has prioritized preparing the next generation of leaders at Pegasus. That preparation, training and mentoring has allowed Tucker to focus on the company’s next chapter, which includes expansion through additional acquisitions, the company said.

“Over the past 20 years with Pegasus, I have learned the value (of) having a great leadership team,” Tucker said. “Putting the time into developing and supporting a leadership team that I can trust has allowed me to focus on the future and how Pegasus will thrive and stay relevant in an ever-changing technology landscape. Loosening the grip on the proverbial rope is never easy for any business owner, but it is necessary for growth, personal happiness and loyal staff.”

Tucker served on the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for nine years and was named chairman of the board. He also served on the Chester County Food Bank Board of Directors for three years. He was awarded CV Magazine’s CEO 100 and named a finalist for the 2016 Marcum Innovator of the Year award.

“Matthew Tucker keeps Pegasus Technologies agile and always looking forward, helping clients by predicting IT trends and remaining at the forefront of IT Security,” his team said. “Matthew understands the importance of Pegasus’ clients and strives to ensure they receive exceptional technical support in harmony with industry-leading customer service.


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