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Linda Cozzi was reminded of an old adage early in her career, and it has helped guide her leadership style ever since: “You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.”

“The early lesson helped develop my leadership into one that was a team approach and then morphed into an employee-first culture,” said Cozzi, the chief financial officer of The Philadelphia Cricket Club. “I learned that focusing on the success of the individuals in the team meant that I didn’t have to worry about outcomes. Seeing others succeed and attain their goals is truly a pleasure. I have developed such pride and genuine care for our team; I would do anything possible to help them grow personally or professionally. Our team is the best part of my job and brings me the most pleasure.”

The Philadelphia Cricket Club is a private, familyoriented, full-service country club. The nation’s oldest country club provides recreational and social experiences for its members and their families and friends by maintaining exceptional standards in its facilities, programs, services and professional staff.

With the support of Cozzi’s leadership as CFO, The Philadelphia Cricket Club has grown from an $11 million operation to $25 million. Club membership has increased from 1,397 to 1,750 memberships. Cozzi improved the Club’s financial reporting and analytics, improving cash flow and creating credit structures that allowed the Club to remain relevant and the place of choice for families looking for a private club.

Cozzi has been part of two long-range, plan-phased projects totaling $32 million. The current project will transform how members and staff use the main dining facility and expand racquet sports. Cozzi has invested in her own development, including ongoing communication coaching and a commitment to personal wellness. She prioritizes learning skills and topics that make her a well-rounded leader, including a recent fintech course about cryptocurrency.

In the next five years, the Club intends to add an indoor practice facility and renovate dining facilities.

Cozzi has received many awards and recognitions throughout her career. She received a finance award for her efforts in forecasting coffee future pricing at Sara Lee Coffee & Tea. During her time with The Philadelphia Cricket Club, Cozzi has received CFO of the Year from the Philadelphia Business Journal and the Executive Management Award, CFO Category, from SmartCEO.

“There are three things I have committed to for the remainder of my career. To serve. To mentor. To learn,” Cozzi said. “All three will help me continue to be influential and an industry leader.”


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