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Fear is the enemy of success, and Logic LC CEO Joseph Leone proved that during the COVID-19 pandemic. When his business almost went under during the pandemic, he leaned into new opportunities, and it paid off.

“Never be afraid to change or pivot,” Leone said. “During the pandemic … I consulted many other people experiencing similar fates and came up with a plan of action to turn the adversity we all faced into an opportunity. I learned to identify and implement new ways to overcome the potential loss by tapping into new markets, new products, new services and solutions, as well as partnering with other businesses that began pivoting as well. As a result, my business scaled tenfold in the most tumultuous of times. Had I been scared of the change and not pivoted drastically, I may not be a titan today.”

Logic is a privately owned IT support and services business, boasting a strong team of IT engineers who solve problems and meet client needs, the company said.

In five years, Logic expects to triple in size and reach more clients across the U.S. and internationally while maintaining the company’s close-knit culture. “Coming from a large Italian family full of laughter and closeness, Joe has recreated much of the same environment with his employees,” his team said. “His staff works mostly in-office with unlimited days off, which keeps people refreshed and allows for camaraderie amongst the team.”

In high school, Leone’s English teacher gave him an ultimatum. She could either give him the 65 he deserved and send him to summer school to earn his diploma, or she would give him a 70 and pass him so he could graduate and take accountability for himself if he failed in life thereafter. He chose to pass high school and never turned back. Sixteen years later, Leone runs a $5 million business and has proven so many people wrong. But the path to success had its challenges.

Leone finished trade school and entered the workforce at the height of the recession. He struggled to find work, and while his father was in prison and bills for him and his mother were piling up, he launched his own business. In 2008 he started Leone’s Comp, later rebranded as Logic, and Leone never looked back.

Leone’s eagerness to provide for his family inspired him. His business has seen continued growth year after year, growing revenue with consistency.

“My main goal is to always be No. 1 and the best at what I do,” Leone said. “However, I know that it’s teamwork that makes the dream work. I can’t make my dreams a reality alone, so I continue to ensure that I have the right team beside me. The right support and the right staff is integral in the success of any business.”


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