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Array Behavioral Care traces its origins to 1999, when the company’s chief medical officer, Jim Varrell, M.D., conducted the nation’s first video evaluation for psychiatric commitment in Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Varrell and his business partner Les Paschall continued to use video in their New Jersey practice for the next 10 years. In 2008, they brought in Geoffrey Boyce to write a business plan for a company that offers telepsychiatry, and in 2009 InSight Telepsychiatry was born, based on Boyce’s vision.

The company grew organically and through acquisitions until the pandemic hit, and then acceptance and interest in the business rapidly accelerated. The company rebranded as Array Behavioral Care in 2021 and soon added healthcare giants Aetna and Humana as collaborators. Today, the company is the nation’s leading virtual psychiatry and therapy practice, offering services in all 50 states, and it has delivered more than 3 million tele-behavioral health visits.

“Array’s vision is to see a world where our loved ones never suffer to access the high-quality behavioral care that they need to support their own wellness,” the company said. “Our focus is to be the premium provider of live clinical services from licensed mental health professionals on a national scale. We believe that within the next five years, we can be the largest mental health practice in the nation.”

While Boyce is only 40, he is already considered one of the grandfathers of telepsychiatry. He was advocating for telepsychiatry regulation and reimbursement policies well before the idea of telehealth became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He influenced the creation of favorable telehealth legislation in Array’s home state of New Jersey in 2017 and the governor appointed him to serve on the state’s first Telehealth Review Commission. He also helped to shape telehealth policy in several other states by sharing best practices and offering testimony and commentary on bills as they developed.

Through his active participation in organizations like the American Telemedicine Association, the Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law, and the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center, Boyce has influenced telehealth policy at the federal level. He has spoken about prescribing controlled substances via telemedicine with members of Congress and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“The critical management skill of today is not what you know, but how quickly you can tap into what the people around you know,” Boyce said. “Multiply the intelligence around you.”

In 2017, Boyce received the American Telemedicine Association’s Industry Leader award for his advocacy and policy work on controlled substance prescribing via telemedicine.

“Geoffrey’s proudest accomplishment is ongoing and is the building of a respectable organization and a tremendous team that serves a great purpose in bringing care to those in need,” his team said. “To date, the organization that Geoffrey envisioned and built has delivered more than 3 million virtual psychiatry and therapy sessions and has helped lead a shift toward more accessible mental health care that is properly recognized as an essential part of wellness.”


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