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Dave Regn showed a penchant for entrepreneurship and business acumen at a young age.

As a teen, on his second day on the job as a grocery bagger, he asked the store manager about a small bakery rack they were using. Regn researched items in the bakery and suggested marketing more products with an additional rack. Within two years, Regn took a rack making $400 per month and grew it into a department generating $4,000 per week.

At the same time, Regn and a friend launched a custom T-shirt company. His business partner in that venture, Jason Brennan, remains Regn’s partner today in their two businesses, Steam Companies and FullThrottle Technologies.

Stream Companies is a full-service advertising agency with over 25 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing. Stream uses data to deliver retail traffic to businesses across the U.S. It has an in-house creative team of over 100 people, with specialists in each digital discipline. “Stream focuses on effectiveness, transparency and building unique standout brands for its clients,” the company said. “Stream’s mission is to create meaningful relationships that drive team members and clients to unlock their full potential.”

FullThrottle was an outgrowth of Stream, and has split off into its own company. “In a few short years, FullThrottle has not only built patent-pending, future-proof technology to serve over 4,500 clients, but has also forged incredible public partnerships with iHeartMedia, Amazon, Effectv, Spectrum and more,” the company said. “These partnerships have developed industry leading and revolutionary offerings to disrupt the adtech and media spaces. The company has an invisible location perspective with an incredible team culture and looks to continue growth to double employee count by the end of the year.”

Both companies are known for their high employee retention rates, at 96% annually, and have plans to grow in terms of employees, client numbers and revenue in the coming years.

“Regn is still hands-on with clients, strategically directing advertising recommendations for the company, and continues to seek out innovative solutions for clients and employees alike,” his team said. “David has a unique ability to not only identify talent and surround himself with thought leaders and experts to pursue excellence for his companies but also to create leaders within his organization.”

Regn has spoken at numerous advertising and automotive advertising events and received numerous awards and recognitions. He is most proud of Stream being named on the Inc. Fastest-Growing Companies list 14 times, an achievement that fewer than 10 companies have accomplished worldwide. Additional awards include Philadelphia 100 Hall of Fame CEO, Great Valley High School Wall of Fame, Headstrong Foundation Relentless Award, Cabrini University Luminary Award, and Cabrini University Distinguished Achievement Award.

Despite the clear business success and numerous accolades, Regn said it’s what you do, not what you say, that matters most.

“People judge you by your actions, not your words,” he said.


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