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Cassandra Bailey thrives on tackling new challenges and initiatives. As president and CEO of Slice Communications, she can feed that hunger regularly.

“My leadership comes primarily from my interest in creating new things,” she said. “I most love working with teams of people to find solutions, whether that’s a new way of thinking about something, a new system, a new event, a new community or anything else that could make a long-lasting change. I’m incredibly fortunate to work with people who also like to create, and I get the most joy from championing and supporting their ideas.”

Slice Communications is a leading Philadelphia marketing and communications agency, helping to create engaging conversations for clients to achieve and surpass their business goals. “Slice is made up of a team of innovative thinkers, seasoned experts and opportunistic hustlers,” the company said. “Our work is industry agnostic, and regardless of scope or size, our client-centric mindset allows us to strategically implement tactics across social media, public relations and email to help take our clients’ businesses to the next level.”

Bailey recognized early on that public relations and social media would need to work hand-in-hand as the primary forms of external communication between businesses and people. Slice Communications was formed in 2008 to address that need.

After Bailey and her founding partner landed their first client, an e-commerce startup outside New York City, they realized on the trip back to Philadelphia that they needed a name for their new company. They knew their mission was to help companies “cut through the clutter” to reach their targeted audiences. Slicecommunications.com was available, and the rest is history.

In 2012, the founding partners sold a majority of the business to an investor. In 2014, Bailey bought the company back, and it has been 100% woman-owned since then. Today, Slice has 18 full-time employees. In the coming years, the company aims to grow by 300% through organic growth and acquisitions.
Bailey has co-authored two books about marketing and social media with Diana Schmidt. She also serves as chair of the board for Social Media Day Inc., a nonprofit in the social media and digital marketing community.

“Cass meets with every single team member each quarter to set professional goals for themselves and work on developing a professional growth plan,” her team said. “These goals are typically outside of their everyday work and are designed to challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and grow professionally. She also works to help understand her team’s long-term professional goals, then uses her vast professional network to connect each member with mentors that are in line with their respective interests.


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