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Bob Moore started two previous companies, RJMetrics and Stitch Data, that formed the impetus for launching his current venture, Crossbeam.

At RJMetrics and Stitch Data, Moore recognized “a clear shortcoming that stemmed from the data standoff between companies when trying to find overlaps in their data sets, like shared customers or sales prospects,” his team said. “After Stitch was acquired by Talend in 2018, Moore set out to solve this problem by founding Crossbeam as the world’s first escrow service for data. It would solve the data standoff problem by sitting in between companies as a secure, independent service that could be trusted to ingest and compare data for them, leading to new insights that were never before accessible.”

Since its founding in 2018, Crossbeam has grown to 100 employees in 20 states and has over 8,500 companies using its technology. It has raised over $100 million from some of the most prominent venture capital investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures, Firstmark and First Round Capital. The goal in the next five years is to grow to 100,000 clients and expand revenue to initial public offering scale, the company said.

Moore previously served on the investment team at Insight Partners, where he got a taste of the entrepreneurial market by calling CEOs, learning about their companies and sourcing new deals. He graduated from Princeton with a degree in financial engineering and operations research. In high school, Moore built a regional web design company called QUAM Industries. Armed with basic HTML skills, he built a portfolio of local clients ranging from auto repair shops to pet stores.

“I love building great products that improve people’s lives, assembling unique teams that bring those products to life and creating meaningful outcomes for our investors, team members and their families,” Moore said. “Pursuit of those things isn’t always a great predictor of being influential or relevant (most people who try them fail, even if they’ve gotten it right before), but that’s where I hope to spend my time for as long as they’ll let me.”

Moore supports the Philadelphia startup scene, where he has served as the board chair of Philly Startup Leaders and a board member of Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies. When he’s not running his company or operating in the tech world, Moore does improv comedy. He has performed over 100 shows as part of the Philly Improv Theater, and he studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.


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