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Audrey Greenberg had a dream to create a single-source solution for advanced cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing. She wanted to improve affordability and accessibility and, ultimately, provide lifesaving treatments for cancer and genetic diseases.

Greenberg and her team entered into a $100 million joint venture and sponsored research agreement with the University of Pennsylvania to develop new ways to manufacture these complex and specialized treatments. They identified, recruited and onboarded over 150 cell and gene therapy specialists, and they expect this group to grow to 600 by the end of 2022 and 2,000 in the next five years.

Greenberg and her team raised more than $1 billion to launch the Center for Breakthrough Medicines in 2019. The company is a contract development and manufacturing organization for cell and gene therapies. At over 700,000 square feet, Center for Breakthrough Medicines is the largest singlesite contract development and manufacturing organization for advanced therapies in the world.

“The future is bright for medicine,” Greenberg said. “I will innovate, lead and work with my industry peers to increase the affordability and accessibility of cell and gene therapies. We will accomplish amazing miracles for cancer patients through advocacy, partnership and investment. The future of medicine is about partnership, compassion, communication and technology. I will lead the way to precision medicine for all.”

Prior to starting the Center for Breakthrough Medicines, Greenberg worked in private equity at fund managers, overseeing more than $100 billion in assets, including Exeter, CBRE Global Investors and ING Clarion. She previously worked as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, where she served as an advisor for over $1 billion in mergers and financings. Greenberg started her career in public accounting at Deloitte.

Greenberg is a CPA in Illinois and has an MBA from Wharton. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona, where she doublemajored in accounting and finance and graduated with high honors. She has lived in Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia and prospered in several industries, including financial services, manufacturing, professional services, water resources, real estate, investment banking and private equity.

“Break the rules, shatter glass ceilings, and drive your goals with relentless action and commitment,” Greenberg said. “Allow yourself to dream and believe in how beautiful the world can be if you only just allow it.”


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