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Jeffrey Lipson

Layer 8 Security

Location: Malvern, PA
Founded: 2015
Industry: Cybersecurity and Compliance

Jeff Lipson is a founding member of Marine Forces Cyber Command, and he had the opportunity to start a group called Boardwalk Empire doing unique work in the cyber and intelligence worlds alongside colleagues from the National Security Agency, the CIA, and Special Operations Command. “One of the coolest jobs I’ve ever had,” Lipson said.

That experience eventually led Lipson to launch his own cyber security company, Layer 8 Security, and work as a consultant for the government. The company later shifted to the commercial marketplace, helping private companies in the Philadelphia area with their cybersecurity.

Today, Layer 8 Security offers a full suite of cyber services, including security, consulting, advisory and technical services. It ensures client information ecosystems are secure and resilient to the severity and frequency of cyberattack disruption, the company said.

In the next five years, Layer 8 intends to lead the way in automating delivery of services, starting with penetration testing and vulnerability management. It plans to use artificial intelligence to refine its defensive security practices while expanding other services. It sees opportunities to make inroads in the healthcare and nonprofit industries.

“Jeff led teams in the crucible of combat while in the Marines, and he brings a calm and collected atmosphere to the team at Layer 8 Security,” his team said. “No matter the crisis, Jeff can be counted on to be there for his customers and teammates.”

Lipson lives by the mantra: Leaders eat last. That means he literally sometimes eats last at company outings when food is served. He does not take an endof- year bonus so his team can receive more. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Lipson stopped taking a salary to ensure none of the team would go without.

Lipson supports veterans-affiliated charities and also serves as a volunteer firefighter in his township. “For most of my life, I’ve been trying to make a difference,” Lipson said. “Service to the nation, community and teammates have been at the forefront of thoughts and actions. I’m proud to have made an impact, but to be honest I’m just getting started. At this stage of my career and life, I am able to really go far and deep to positively influence society, coworkers and colleagues.”

Layer 8 Security has been selected as one of Philadelphia’s Best Places to Work three years in a row, and 70% of company revenue comes from repeat business. Both the award and the revenue percentage speak to the culture that Lipson has fostered at Layer 8.

“Our customers know they can always count on us,” the company said. “This loyalty has meant the world to the team and to Jeff personally.”

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Jeff is the Captain of the Tenth Legion paintball team. He can often be found commanding his Legionnaires at local fields and is often leading the charge at Skirmish USA's biggest scenario game The Invasion of Normandy where 5,000 players re-create the famous battle of World War Two.

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