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Tim Williamson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

TSOA Transport Solutions of America

Location: Woodstock, Georgia

Founded: 2006

Industry: Fleet Logistics

Tim Williamson, Founder and CEO of Transport Solutions of America, has been involved in the automotive industry for most of his career.

He started out detailing cars for a company but was looking to start his own business. He quickly realized that by looking through a different lens, he could take a different approach to vehicle transport.

In 2006, he started his own driveaway business from the ground-up and formed the company around the work ethic of his grandfather.

“His generation has a good work ethic, and we follow it,” said Williamson. “This includes doing what you say you’re going to do, work hard, make commitments and follow through and know our purpose and serve it.”

TSOA Transport Solutions of America is in the transportation and fleet industries with a mission to be the premier vehicle drive-away service in the industry, serving fleets, fleet management companies and up-fitters. Essentially, the company moves vehicle assets of all sizes and types around the U.S. for its clients and customers in a safe and efficient manner. TSOA also provides storage, maintenance, vehicle detailing and tag and title services as well.

TSOA has continued to grow organically over the years, building loyal client relationships. “We have shown great loyalty to our clients, and they have reciprocated,” said Williamson. “This has happened because we do what we say we’re going to do. We get more business with new and exciting clients by being consistent, innovative and loyal.”

According to Williamson, the true key to the company’s success is that his customers trust the work they do. The company also focuses on an approach to hiring, paying, retaining and training drivers that is thorough, hands-on and world class, building a culture of safety and loyalty with the driver base.

“We truly believe Tim’s grit and determination, the way he treats his people, the culture he’s built and the success of TSOA makes him successful,” said his colleagues. “He built the respect and loyalty in the industry and his reputation and that of TSOA is one of trust, hard work, honesty and transparency.”

According to his staff, Williamson finds a way to say yes to clients and customers without sacrificing the success, service and profitability of the company, all while building and retaining a loyal staff of talented individuals. “Tim surrounds himself with great people who care about the success of the organization,” they said.

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Did you know?

Tim is a major gear head and in the automotive industry, that’s a good and fun thing to be! He enjoys looking for vehicles with horse power at auctions around the US. Tim currently owns a 2017 Mercedes S63 (800 HP), 1970 Chevelle SS, 2020 Ram pickup truck, 2018 Bentley Bentayga, 2 Volvo wagons (the pride of his fleet). He’s always on the hunt for fun vehicle to buy and sell!


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