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Tara Murphy


360 Media, Inc.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1996

Industry: Media

Tara Murphy was the PR director for two large independent record labels and worked heavily in the live events and concert promotions industry with what is now the Atlanta Live Nation office. Those relationships in the lifestyle and entertainment world made it a natural choice to launch 360 Media in 1996.

For the past 26 years, the company has been behind the scenes spearheading strategies for people, places, businesses and events locally, regionally and nationally.

360 Media, Inc. is an award-winning agency that works with the biggest names across entertainment, lifestyle and hospitality throughout the U.S. from an industrial-cool home base in Grant Park, Atlanta. With 26 years of strong PR know-how and media relations, the team carefully curates public relations strategy, elevates brand messaging and accelerates publicity efforts. The firm was invited to join the Entrepreneur’s Organization Atlanta Chapter and has been named one of the Top 20 PR Firms in Atlanta four years in a row.

At the helm of the organization as the Founder, Murphy has had a significant impact on Atlanta’s cultural story. “From events and festivals to food and beverage industries to actual real estate redevelopment of city blocks, she has helped put a spotlight on place making and what connects everyone in this great city,” said her colleagues. “Beyond her work in Atlanta she has been on the cutting edge of festivals, hotels and hospitality greats across the country.”

While female business owners are not as much of a rarity as they used to be, Murphy was part of an early wave of women making a mark. “She has always had an incredible gut instinct and lead with her heart, always steering her in the right direction,” said her staff. “While much of her and 360 Media’s work speaks for itself, more of what has gone unseen is her incredible relationship with her team.”

Murphy supports and empowers her all-female staff to be their best selves, offering self-care workshops, planning company retreats and more.

“It is my goal to remain at the forefront of the PR industry here in Atlanta and beyond by employing an incredibly talented team, by continuing to align with the most innovative and high-profile clients, by having our work speak for itself in terms of client visibility and awareness, by continuing to shape the landscape of Atlanta through lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment clients and by continuing to give back to a community and city that has given so much to me,” said Murphy.

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Did you know?

Murphy has always been a big supporter of the MS Society and a member of its 2011 Leadership Class because her mother has MS. In 2018, Murphy herself was diagnosed with the disease. She’s since developed a self-care routine including holistic (meditation, walking, acupuncture, massage, energy healing, IV Therapy, cryotherapy, and more) as well as modern medicine to enter into remission and lose 50 pounds.


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