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Tara Lane

Founder and President

Shotgun Sisters, LLC

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2015

Industry: Commercial Real Estate, Architectural, Engineering, Construction Networking

It was at a sporting clay industry tournament that Tara Lane noticed several women were sitting on the sidelines because companies were sending men to the shoots who weren’t in business development or didn’t interact with clients.

“I decided to change this and created Shotgun Sisters to level the playing field so that industry women could take clients to shoot and also participate in the numerous industry clay tournaments that are held each year,” said Lane.

Shotgun Sisters is a networking and instructional sporting clay shooting group for women in the architectural, engineering, construction and commercial real estate industry. The purpose of the group is to provide a networking platform as well as a safe environment for industry women to learn how to shoot sporting clays.

What started as a group of four women has quickly evolved into more than 200. “The result has been incredible, and women have been empowered all while building both personal and professional relationships to last a lifetime and help drive their business,” said Lane. “There’s a strong bond that has been created as these women have learned a much-needed business outside of their comfort zone.”

Shotgun Sisters plans to create five chapters across the Southeast and then chapters in all 50 states in the next 10 years. The vision also includes creating networking and shooting groups for other industries outside of the AEC/CRE industry.

“As we grow, I envision the organization and each individual chapter participating in multiple charity organizations across the U.S., so that this group makes an impact not just for its members, but for others,” said Lane. “The group also has plans for retreats for members to focus on topics to help women personally and professionally.”

Because of Lane’s commitment to empowering women, the women who have been a part of Shotgun Sisters have gone on to win clay industry clay shoots, meet and exceed their sales goals from relationships they’ve built in the group and from mentoring within the group they’ve been promoted within their companies or hired by other firms.

“Watching women grow personally and professionally to become stronger women and gain confidence has been incredibly rewarding,” said Lane.

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Did you know?

Tara starred in a national commercial filmed in Hollywood many years ago which was shot at Universal Studios for Brinks Home Security. She also did standup comedy in a past life.


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