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Shane Jackson


Jackson Healthcare

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Founded: 2000

Industry: Healthcare Staffing

Shane Jackson serves as President of Jackson Healthcare, a company that was founded by his father, CEO Rick Jackson, in 2000. Together, they built the organization based on a simple principle that talented professionals with a shared purpose can improve the lives of patients, families, communities, and each other.

“We believe that our mission — to improve the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone we touch — is central to both doing good business and serving the greater good,” said Jackson.

Jackson Healthcare’s primary business is healthcare staffing. The company operates a family of highly specialized healthcare staffing and technology firms with a mission to improve the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone the organization touches.

Jackson’s leadership across Jackson Healthcare and within the industry has led to significant accomplishments, from crossing the $1 billion dollar revenue mark to shaping the company’s response to the fight against COVID-19. Today, under his leadership, Jackson Healthcare is a top U.S. healthcare staffing firm powered by more than 1,600 associates and over 7,500 clinical providers covering all 50 U.S. states.

He has served at the company in a variety of roles, including as president of LocumTenens.com and Patient Placement Systems before assuming the role of President of Jackson Healthcare. Jackson has been recognized on Staffing Industry Analyst’s Staffing 100 list for five consecutive years and received the Jerry Noyce Executive Health Champion Award in 2020.

As a leader, Jackson has lived by the motto that there is no limit to what can be accomplished if you don’t care who gets the credit. He said it’s important for him to intentionally use the word associate versus employee. “Employee refers to an individual who works for wages or a salary and an associate refers to a partner or colleague,” he said. “Our use of the word associate stems from our acknowledgement of the value of each individual and our recognition that it takes a team to deliver services to our customers.”

Jackson said he recognizes the important contributions of his team and makes it his mission to show his support. “Employees, associates, team members — however you refer to the people within a company — have entrusted something very precious to their leaders’ care,” said Jackson. “Leaders are indeed a steward over a big part of their lives, and that demands careful and responsible management.”

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Did you know?

Shane can frequently be found in a softball dugout on evenings and weekends. This is his fourth year as a couch for his daughter’s travel softball team, which competes in tournaments all over the country during the year.


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