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Russ Preite

President & Chief Executive Officer

PLNTF Holdings, LLC

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2010

Industry: Fitness

After serving in executive positions at Radio Shack and Verizon, Russ Preite embarked on a new adventure, creating and building his own consulting firm in 2018. Over the years, Preite had fostered many business relationships and friendships, with one in particular that led him to the founder and chairman of PLNTF Holdings LLC. This business relationship led to a position as the President and CEO of the organization that Preite describes as a perfect fit for his personality, leadership style and commitment to being physically fit.

PLNTF Holdings LLC is one of the leading Planet Fitness franchisees in the country, with 89 clubs under management in nine states. With 1,200 employees devoted to providing members a safe, clean workout environment, the mission is to be an industry disrupter and leading the Planet Fitness franchisee in terms of size, scale, opportunity, valuation and member experience.

During his time frame as CEO and President, Preite has built an experienced executive team to help drive the company’s goals and objectives, making it one of the premier franchisees in the Planet Fitness family.

“Much like any other business, the pandemic has stressed the gym industry, but the gyms under Russ’s leadership have continued to perform well thanks to the cleaning and membership policies and protocols the company has put in place,” said his staff. “His leadership has led the company to keep adding members while also securing a safe, clean environment for members and employees alike.”

According to his staff, Preite is most proud of the way he has been able to help the company navigate the pandemic. “His ability to lead, manage, survive and overcome the impacts to our business from COVID-19 has been put fully on display over the past two years,” they said.

As a natural born leader, Preite has a passion for physical fitness and a devotion to sports. Teamwork is something that has stuck with him through the years. “You are only as good as the team you build around you,” he said. “Once you become a leader, it is no longer about you. It is about being willing to talk less and listen more.”

That sports background and its adherence to teamwork has continued to shape his leadership style these many years later, said his staff. For his unending commitment to leading a team toward success, Preite has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Russ, who grew up as an athlete participating in football, baseball and wrestling through high school, is an avid sports fan and is extremely devoted to physical fitness (he often works out in our locations in the Atlanta area). This devotion to sports, working out and teamwork is something that has stuck with him through the years.


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