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Nour Rabai


Pita Mediterranean Street Food

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2011

Industry: Restaurant

Pita Mediterranean Street Food was never an idea or concept. It was an aspiration for Nour Rabai as a child.

Growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, it was a part of everyday life to see vendors line up the city streets at the local public markets selling fresh food to the community. Rabai noticed that well-respected vendors had a big role in the neighborhood and were loyal to everyday customers.

“We cherish our Mediterranean culture, and we diligently strive to share the same love and care within our doors for all our patrons to have the same experience that we know so well,” said Rabai, the Founder and CEO.

Pita Mediterranean Street Food’s restaurants all have an open kitchen design, a commitment to using the freshest ingredients and a vertical rotisserie to give all our customers the same distinction of warm, savory meats. The company’s vision in the future is to reach 200+ locations within a five-year mark in 20 or more states.

“Pita is the exceptional destination for fresh, delicious and authentic Mediterranean food,” said Rabai. “We share our passion in our cuisines and our care in service for others, with every pita served.”

The concept of Pita Mediterranean Street Food has grown organically over the years and Rabai credits the determination of the company leaders and team members. “We strive to push the envelope and introduce Pita and its cuisine to all,” he said. “Growing a franchisee without major backing and/or support takes determination and major sacrifice.”

The company experienced challenges and had to make sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Rabai. “Businesses were closing, customers were afraid to eat out and our employees were afraid to go into work,” he said. Within two weeks, the company had practices in place to assist corporate and franchise stores.

“We had to adapt to the rapid changes happening around us,” said Rabai. “The guidelines were changing constantly, and as always, our team and our guest safety was our primary concern.”

What he realized at that time was that he needed the right people in the right positions. This included moving operations teams into places where they were needed more to establish the right team in place that will move the company forward.

“In all of this, the leadership lesson learned is that we must surround ourselves with the right team,” said Rabai.

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