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Naveen Miglani

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Duluth, Georgia

Founded: 2014

Industry: Software

As the son of a diplomat, Naveen S. Miglani said he was lucky to travel the world as his family moved throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. Acclimating to the various locations and learning about the food, cultures and environments was special to him. “It was during my travels that I started to understand the value of diversity and unique cultures,” Miglani said. “I learned something new at each location, and these learnings have shaped me into the person and the leader that I am today.”

As the Chief Executive Officer of SplashBI, Miglani said embracing diversity and respecting cultural distinctions is the foundation of the organization. “At SplashBI, we empower our team members to bring forward their own ideas and perspectives without judgment,” he said. “We listen to each other, and we learn from each other. By embracing differing viewpoints and open-minded collaboration, we are able to create innovation solutions to today’s business challenges.”

SplashBI helps organizations make the very best business decision by providing instant access to data from disparate systems in the form of reports, visualizations and trends.

Although founded in 2014, the story of SplashBI goes back to 2000 when Miglani and his business partner launched a technology company for the ORACLE market. In 2013, Miglani recognized that the market started to shift and saw the opportunity to expand his team’s capabilities by starting a new company that addressed the changing market demands.

“As a result of Naveen’s foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, SplashBI has become a global powerhouse in providing world-class analytics to many organizations across the globe,” said his staff. The firm has experienced double-digit and at times, triple-digit growth for the past six years and the employee count has grown to more than 300.

According to his staff, Miglani is regarded as a true influencer in the market. “He has positively impacted not only our staff and their families, but our clients, partners and prospects,” they said. “Since the inception of SplashBI, Naveen has had the foresight and intellect to create a company that has focused on gaps and needs within the ever-changing reporting and analytics space.”

With the rise of data, technology and complex digital environments, Miglani understands that non-traditional problems require non-traditional solutions, his staff said. “Naveen is a true champion of diversity and he understands that much of SplashBI’s success can be directly attributed to the staff ’s diverse backgrounds.”

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Did you know?

Naveen is a true product of a Global Upbringing. Son of an International Diplomat, he was born in India, educated both in the Philippines and the United States, and worked throughout Asia, Europe, and the US.Naveen feels at home in just about any country and has friends at any stop. His experience with various cultures shaped his love of travel and passion for diversity both within his inner circle and the workplace.


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