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Mike Rotondo

Chief Executive Officer

Altitude Trampoline Park

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2012

Industry: Active Entertainment

According to Mike Rotondo, when a leader is backed into a corner, the only way to move forward is with your values. As the CEO of Altitude Trampoline Park, when dealing with a product recall that had a major impact on the brand, the only way he was able to lead was through his values. “Solid relationships, creativity, playing to win and living better kept me focused and guided on our efforts,” said Rotondo.

For two years, Rotondo has been the Chief Executive Officer of Altitude Trampoline, bringing extensive franchise and brand building experience to the company. Altitude Trampoline Park is part of the entertainment industry and a premier indoor adventure trampoline park destination that offers exciting activities, games, programs and events for all ages. The company believes in family fun, celebrating life’s moments together and combining activity and an energetic spirit for friends and families to experience.

According to his colleagues, Rotondo demonstrates time and agin that he leads with his heart. “Mike has taken what started out as small ideas and has turned them into big results to help others,” they said. This includes understanding the plight of the homeless in the community, generating millions of dollars to help kids and launching a partnership with the American Heart Association.

Rotondo’s experience has included serving as the CEO of Tropical Smoothie Cafes, serving as the former CEO of Edible Arrangements and leadership roles at Wendy’s, Arby’s and Honey Baked Ham. According to his staff, product innovation, franchisee collaboration and an “anything is possible approach” are the cornerstones of his leadership style.

Under his leadership, Altitude Trampoline Park has reported multiple new openings nationwide since the start of 2021 and has experienced double-digit growth with annual and monthly memberships at parks across the country. By the end of 2021, there will be more than 80 total parks in 30 states plus four international locations in Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Spain.

“I love working with small businesses and brands to help them avoid all the speed bumps I’ve experienced throughout my career,” Rotondo said. “I have enjoyed building teams over the years and giving people the opportunity to do more than they ever thought was possible for them to achieve.”

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Did you know?

Mike wanted to give back to the homeless in a way others do not. He decided to actually sleep on the streets with them to learn more about the hardship of homelessness.


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