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Mike Dickerson Clickdimensions

Michael Dickerson

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2010

Industry: Software Technology

Born into a family of entrepreneurs and business pioneers, Mike Dickerson knows first-hand about grit and perseverance. Raised by a strong female journalist and self made businessman, Dickerson is a true combination of nature and nurture, according to his staff.

“He grew up with inspiring role models who taught him significant lessons ideal for any entrepreneur, including the importance of ethics, integrity and hard work in measuring a person’s impact on the world,” said his staff. “These life lessons have served him well as a tech entrepreneur.”

His entrepreneurial start began by turning an idea on a bar napkin into a $250 million division providing mission-critical communications technology. Additionally, he funded and founded three startups before he joined ClickDimensions as CEO in 2017.

ClickDimensions is the leading marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics, with more than 3,700 customers around the globe and a partner network that spans 76 countries. As the Marketing Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics, ClickDimensions is redefining how marketers work and attain results with the only unified marketing technology, analytics and services platform in the market.

Since his inception as CEO, Dickerson took ClickDimensions and grew it into a robust platform that could meet all the needs of the modern marketer, expanding beyond marketing automation to encompass data, analytics and services. He has also led the organization through strategic acquisitions and enrichment solutions. The company has also been recognized as a Fastest-Growing Company by the Financial Times and a Fastest-Growing Saas Company.

“Under Mike’s leadership, ClickDimensions is disrupting the industry by delivering multichannel marketing applications that work natively as one solution with Microsoft Dynamics and the accompanying marketing services needed by today’s marketers to expand their bandwidth and achieve success,” said his staff. “By doing so, it is democratizing the industry and allowing small to mid-market companies the opportunity to provide personalization and compete with enterprise organizations.”

Dickerson’s impact moves beyond the industry and has transformed the work environment at ClickDimensions.

“Mike has spearheaded the transformation of his staff by focusing on a set of behaviors that include cultivating community, celebrating individuality and embracing possibility with the end result of a commitment to excellence,” said his colleagues. “By putting these behaviors front and center, it enabled Mike to change the compensation system to tie back to the values and behaviors of the company and has led to improved retention while driving recruitment efforts across the globe.”

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Did you know?

Mike is very involved in a variety of technological and philanthropic organizations. One example is Greenlight Fund, a national network of leaders and organizations across the country working together and learning from each other to harness the vision and ambition of social entrepreneurs and accelerate the spread of proven programs that make lasting change for children, youth, and families.


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