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Michael Caldwell

Managing Partner

Black Airplane

Location: Woodstock, Georgia

Founded: 2014

Industry: Technology

The first value that Michael Caldwell expects his team at Black Airplane to live by is “we have courage,” he said.

“We teach this value to our team because real leadership and true investment in others requires genuine courage,” said Caldwell. “Too many professionals will avoid telling a colleague or a customer the truth because they fear sowing discomfort. I have so many examples of times that I could have made others, my relationships and the world better had I simply shared a hard truth but failed to do so, and I have resolved not to miss these opportunities.”

Caldwell isn’t one to shy away from opportunities. He was one of the original founding partners of Python Safety, acquired by Capital Safety and 3M before purchasing the brand Black Airplane in 2017. Black Airplane is an award-winning creative software development firm that builds apps and websites.

As the Managing Partner of the technology firm, Caldwell’s intentions for the industry are centered on adding value to those who surround him. By relentlessly seeking out ways to provide new value, he is confident the team will always have a seat at the table or discover a new one.

“In technology, the only constant is change, and influence gained solely through expertise is fleeting,” said Caldwell. “Like any other industry, lasting influence is garnered through relationships, generosity and value add.”

The value added to his clients is evident with 300% growth in the first year and growth in 2020 despite the global pandemic. Black Airplane now boasts nearly 30 full-time employees and works with some of the largest companies in the world while serving as a global leader and specialist in multiple technologies.

“Caldwell is a leader in the technology space,” said his colleagues. “From his continued success growing and leading a team of technologists at Black Airplane to his service as a gubernatorial appointee on the Georgia Technology Authority and reputation for technology policy in the Georgia House of Representatives, when technology decisions are being made in Georgia, Caldwell has a voice.”

As a successful entrepreneur, business owner, retired four-term member of the Georgia House of Representatives and the 31st mayor of Woodstock, Georgia, Caldwell has also been committed to forging relationships with clients and employees while serving others.

“Relationships make the world go around, and I’m most concerned with serving people well,” said Caldwell.

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Did you know?

Michael Caldwell climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, hand-copied the New Testament and ranks in Taylor Swift’s Top 0.5% of listeners on Spotify.


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