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Lisa Winton

Chief Executive Officer

Winton Machine Company

Location: Suwanee, Georgia

Founded: 1998

Industry: Manufacturing

As Lisa Winton’s career has progressed and evolved, she has learned that the definition of a good communicator has changed. “A skill I once praised myself became a skill that I sought to improve,” said Winton. “I’ve learned it’s not just how I communicate with others; it’s how I want others to communicate with me.”

She said she strives to foster open and transparent communication as the CEO of Winton Machine Company.

Winton Machine Company is a manufacturing firm with the mission to design and build machinery that adds value to each customer’s bottom line while providing a stable and healthy environment for all team members. Winton designs and manufactures a wide range of tube fabrication and semi-rigid coax fabrication machinery that enables its customers to fabricate tubular parts for their products. The company’s machines are found in manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Winton spent her early career in management, buying and planning before partnering with George Winton to create Winton Machine Company in the basement of their home, assembling in their garage with an office in a spare bedroom upstairs. For the next 25 years, the company grew, moving facilities five times, and now has more than 500 customers in 37 U.S. states and 13 countries.

For more than 25 years, Winton said she has been passionate about manufacturing. “I continue to believe in the importance of it as it relates to an individual’s ability to earn a good living, sustainability in our national economy and the creation of competitive advantages for the United States and in global markets,” she said.

Her efforts have led Winton to represent themanufacturing industry this past year on Ari Shapiro’s NPR Show “All Things Considered,” having the opportunity to share the business owner’s perspective. “People who aren’t a part of manufacturing don’t understand the complexity of the supply chain and it was an honor to be afforded the opportunity to share,” Winton said. Her accomplishments also include serving as a board member for the Technical College Systems of Georgia and serving as an advocate for STEM for girls at young ages.

“I’ve learned to depend heavily on my mentors to help me be a better leader by being a better communicator and I’ve created a village of coaches and mentors who continue to provide me with feedback and help me grow as an individual and leader,” said Winton. “I owe it to my team of employees and peers to provide them the same opportunities.”

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Did you know?

In 2018, Lisa volunteered to become a clown to help raise money for the Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta. Known as The Distinguished Clowns, business executives and community leaders dress up and parade down Peachtree Road in December as part of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta annual Childrens Christmas celebration. In 2019, George joined Lisa as they became a beloved clown couple much to the delight of their colleagues, friends and family.


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