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K Scott Malone

Executive Director

Middle Georgia Orthopedics

Location: Warner Robins, Georgia

Founded: 2001

Industry: Healthcare

Growing up in a small town in East Tennessee with a single mother, Dr. K. Scott Malone said Boy Scouts was instrumental to his upbringing. Several people in his community helped raise him by showing him how to be successful and achieve his goals. As a result, he tries daily to give back in the fashion similar to the way he was raised.

To this day, he still lives his life with the organization’s motto to be prepared and to do a good turn daily as the Executive Director of Middle Georgia Orthopedics.

Middle Georgia Orthopedics is an orthopedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation center with a mission to provide top-notch quality care to the middle Georgia region and support community outreach to the businesses, educational system, military and youth.

The practice model derived from a solo orthopedic group in 2000 to a seven-man group. Malone was one of the founders and functions as the executive director to guide the group to regional and state-wide prominence. Malone helped develop the sports medicine outreach program for the Houston County school system that has been in existence for 20 years to provide minimal costs services to youth.

What makes Malone influential is his humble and congenial approach, said his colleagues. “He meets no stranger and is not afraid to show his human side,” they said. “He has a keen business mind, and this is obvious from the standpoint of the way his practice is structured and managed.”

Malone has helped thousands of youths in the middle Georgia area from his involvement in sports medicine and through the Boy Scouts of America. His career as a licensed physician and a sports medicine fellowship trained by the world-renowned Dr. James R. Andrews, combined with his commitment to the Boy Scouts of America have driven his success.

“The main entrepreneurial story is the fact that he recognized early on that in order for the medical practices to be successful in the future, they need to be run like a corporation,” said his staff. “He said physicians don’t get business education in training and its very important for the future of medicine. He’s also recognized how important it is to garner community support for an upstart orthopedic group in a small town.”

As a result, his group has grown with the town, and they are highly recognized for their community and civic involvements. For his commitment to giving back to the community, Dr. Malone has been recognized as a Titan.

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Did you know?

Dr. Malone is a very pleasant person be around. He likes to joke and have fun. He enjoys helping others who are less fortunate and sharing his God-given gifts. He doesn’t like to brag on his accomplishments. His work speaks for itself.


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