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John Perry

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2007

Industry: Financial Technology

Bluefin originally started as Capital Payments in 2007 and like a lot of payment processors, the company focus was on serving merchants directly with standard credit and debit card packages. When John M. Perry came onboard in 2011 as CEO, he brought a new vision to provide value-added integrated payments to Independent Software Vendors and SaaS providers.

“John saw the market heading in a different direction than stand-alone, commodity merchant processing services that lacked robust security features,” said his colleagues. As a result, in 2012, Capital Payments acquired Bluefin Payment Systems with the goal of the merger to build upon the existing payment and security features in the Bluefin platform to create a revolutionary system.

Bluefin is the recognized integrated payments leader in encryption and tokenization technologies to protect payments and sensitive data. The product suite includes solutions for contactless face-to-face, call center, mobile, Ecommerce and unattended payments and data in the healthcare, higher education, government and non-profit industries. The company’s partner network currently includes more than 200 processors, payment gateways and ISVs operating in 46 countries.

Under Perry’s leadership, the company builds solutions that provide companies worldwide the most holistic security solution for both payments and sensitive data. Like many payment professionals, Perry began his career with a large payment processor serving hundreds of thousands of clients. He spent 15 years in executive management positions before joining the team at Bluefin.

“A lot of individuals have experience and executive leadership skills,” said Perry’s staff. “But in a little over a year of joining the firm, John made an acquisition of a payment company in order to provide the company with what it was sorely lacking, which was proprietary payment technology. He is constantly pushing the teams for out of the box ideas to expand our footprint and provide better solutions for our customers.”

According to Perry, no matter how good the platform or product that is offered, it always comes down to implementation and support by your team – and the people who make up that team.

“I believe that a successful CEO and industry leader should allow their team to lead but still remain knowledgeable about the products, processes and promotion around company initiatives,” said Perry. “I intend to remain involved in the discussions around payment and data security and add positive input to the process whenever possible.”

For his commitment to fostering teams and advancing Bluefin within the industry, Perry has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

In October, John and his wife, Shelley, decided to get a puppy. The excitement and exuberance is unmatched and it’s a bit like having a baby all over again, he said.


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