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Jennifer Davis

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1972

Industry: Sports & Entertainment

As a leader in the media and technology industry, Jennifer Davis has learned that decisions, especially high-impact, high-stakes processes, are starting lines, not finish lines. “The results of corporate strategies are all achieved after the decision is made and the implementation begins,” said Davis. “Decisions are not discrete events but represent multiple work streams. The more effort that goes into communication and collaboration, the better the results will be.”

Decision making is a key part of her role as the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at LEARFIELD and is evident in her book, Well Made Decisions, which outlines best practices for making and implementing business decisions.

LEARFIELD is a media and technology leader in intercollegiate athletics. With offices and operations across the country, the firm connects brands to 180 million avid college sports fans with innovative marketing solutions and provides a range of services for its college and university partners. LEARFIELD has created the largest data and analytics platform in college athletics to provide insights into specific schools, conferences and across the entire industry to enhance fan experiences.

Joining the company in 2021, Davis said she was attracted to the pioneering efforts of the company. Within the first 100 days, she was influential in rebranding the company from Learfield IMG College to LEARFIELD, introduced a new identity system, built out a new corporate website and created a marketing advisory council among the various business units and divisions of the enterprise to bring best practices and expertise from across the company to the forefront.

“Davis was able to tap into her tech company experience at Amazon Web Services, Honeywell and Planar to this entrepreneurial-spirited company and is building the brand and capabilities that will take the organization through the next 50 years,” said her colleagues. “She is already making a visible impact and leaving a lasting legacy.”

Davis has been a leader in the field of marketing for years, writing for Forbes on the alignment of sales and marketing and speaking at industry conferences.

With a goal of empowering her team, Davis has partnered with her talented and experienced colleagues to ask new questions and arrive at new creative approaches. “She has demonstrated a willingness to learn and listen,” said her staff. “She has driven forward with clarity and conviction necessary for transformation and is open to change. Her willingness to share and mentor business leaders at scale is part of her legacy.”

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Did you know?

Jennifer recorded four albums as part of an acapella singing group. She has never drank a cup of coffee. She has visited 47 US States (missing the Dakotas and Alaska).


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