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Jeff Bailey

Chief Executive Officer ORTEC Americas

ORTEC International USA, Inc.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1981

Industry: Technology

When Jeff Bailey started his role as the CEO of ORTEC Americas., he strove for perfection for himself and the departments he led. This led to burnout for all involved. He quickly learned when to assert himself as a leader and when to trust the process. “This transformation afforded me space to be myself, to be human, to make mistakes and own up to them and to make brilliant decisions,” Bailey said. “Soon, my team and I both flourished.”

Bailey describes his leadership style as an evolutionary process. “Every experience, whether I judge it as good or bad, has helped to influence, mold and shape me into the person and the leader that I am today,” he said. “It’s not just about me; it’s about the employees, the customers and the organization. To be a good leader, you have to reach the point of selflessness.”

Continuing to learn and evolve his leadership has led to success as the CEO of a technology firm that leverages data and mathematics to create value for businesses and society at large. He began his career with ORTEC more than 17 years ago with the U.S. headquarters office in Atlanta.

“With a ‘can do’ attitude, Jeff consistently volunteered for every initiative that was presented to him,” said his colleagues. He led the sales and marketing division, assisted in the implementation of the products he sold, led the operations team and was then promoted to CEO in 2017.

Since 2017, Bailey has provided leadership in reorganizing the company’s organizational structure to better serve customers and has put an emphasis on customer partnerships, product innovation and process streamlining, which has led to 250% growth.

According to his staff, Bailey continues to innovate in every aspect of the business. “In Jeff ’s first year as CEO, the organization was discussing the transition from perpetual to subscription-based model. Jeff was able to successfully transition the Americas group to a subscription-based model all the while not sacrificing cash flow and continuing to grow the organization in revenue, profit in the double digits and people,” they said. “Additionally, Jeff has been a driving force behind a business for business model.”

Bailey said his main goal is to continue learning as a leader. “I have the unique ability to listen to requirements and challenges, then develop an approach to the bigger challenges facing a customer or prospect — often helping them see beyond their initial pain points,” he said.

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Did you know?

Jeff is an avid Georgia Tech Football fan and an Atlanta Braves baseball fan.


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