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Hesam Lamei

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Aventis Systems | Cortavo

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2008

Industry: Information Technology

In January 2008, the weakening economy throughout the United States affected small and large businesses alike. Companies everywhere were forced to stretch their ever-tightening budgets while still satisfying their requirements for IT maintenance and growth. Hesam Lamei founded Aventis Systems in response with a mission to fill the need for affordable server hardware equipment, ultimately expanding into HP ProLiant servers.

In 2019, Cortavo was launched and serves as a distinct brand and sister company of Aventis Systems. Today, Aventis Systems enjoys accelerated growth as one of the leading value-added resellers of office hardware and software serving the Southeast.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Aventis Systems is a value-added reseller that fulfills the technology requirements of IT professionals across the globe. From partnering with consultants and managed service providers, to being the provider-of-choice for end-users from small to medium-sized businesses, educational, nonprofit and government organizations, Aventis Systems goes above and beyond to assist IT professionals.

As the Founder and CEO, Lamei knows the challenges that face a modern business owner. He started down this business path while still in college and operated eBay stores before launching Aventis Systems.

“Facing numerous challenges, Hesam persevered and turned a $2.8 million company with a profit of $40,000 in 2008 into a true success story, earning over $135 million in revenue since launching Aventis Systems,” said his colleagues. “Hesam takes the approach of relying on a smart, competent and loyal team to pull him across every finish line he encounters.”

According to his staff, Lamei believes in cultivating his employees, removing their barriers and helping them find long-term success through work-life balance. Both firms offer remote work, unlimited PTO, a corporate personal trainer, a student debt relief program and team building events. His outlook on teamwork and loyalty has earned the firm recognition as the Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation by the National Association for Business Resources.

“Much of what I’ve built initially with Aventis Systems sort of automatically begs for different solutions in the same industry, and that calls on me to recruit new talent — the right talent — and then let them take professional ownership of seeing it take off,” said Lamei. “In the end, doing good work and just doing good keeps you relevant.”

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Did you know?

Hesam once performed a leg press of 1,100 pounds. And at some point in the past, he owned 50 bitcoins when the currency was worth around $200.


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