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Gracie Ortiz

Chief Operating Officer

DataSeers Incorporated

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Founded: 2017

Industry: Fintech

Gracie Ortiz’s career has been marked with wonderful mentors to help her grow personally and professionally, she said. “One such mentor taught me, a leader’s job is to help others grow in their careers,” she said. “He told me to ask all employees what their retirement day looks like, and if they had a camera crew following them, what would they be doing on that day.”

Ortiz’s mentor went on to say that once that exercise is complete, then it’s a matter of educating the employee on how we work backward to help them toward that goal and every three years they should be progressing closer toward that goal. As the chief operating officer at DataSeers Incorporated, Ortiz approaches leading and mentoring with passion. “To have the opportunity to help build an amazing empire is a dream,” she said. “While working on building our team at DataSeers, I try to find individuals that complement each other and not only meet the needs of the organization but also those I can help grow in their careers.”

Founded in 2017, DataSeers Incorporated is an Atlanta-based FinTech operating in the banking and payments space. The company’s AI-enhanced platform allows organizations to make sense out of their vast amounts of segregated and siloed data.

Ortiz was brought into DataSeers Incorporated as the first VP of operations, working closely with the CEO to increase the revenue before promoting to COO. “Gracie had experience as a former software engineer, as well as project management, sales and business development experience which was beneficial in assisting with sales,” said her colleagues.

It has been one year since Ortiz began working at DataSeers and has been influential in the growth from 15 employees to 33 in the U.S. and from 10 employees in India to 25; the company continues to see exponential growth with the establishment of policies, processes, and procedures to assist with growth. The firm has also tripled revenue under her leadership.

“Gracie has tremendous experience, and she understands that the intricacies of fraud and compliance around the world is by no way a simple task,” said her staff. “This not only requires a person to stay on top of things, but also digest the information coming out and convert that into actionable insight for the users. At DataSeers, Gracie has taken charge and is marching at the speed of light.”

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Did you know?

Gracie is bi-lingual (native Spanish speaker) and is learning Hindi. She loves fitness and Indian food. Gracie enjoys traveling the world and wants her Old Fashioned with 3 Luxardo cherries, so much so that she will carry her own jar of Luxardos in case the restaurant doesn’t have any.


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