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Demarco Thomas


MetroMax Group

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2018

Industry: Transportation & Business Process Outsourcing

Demarco Thomas had no intentions of being an entrepreneur. He joined the U.S. Navy immediately after high school, attended college and transitioned into corporate finance. He wasn’t fulfilled with corporate finance, and made an investment in over the road semi-trucking, recognizing the potential in this domain and pivoting to become a full time entrepreneur in the transportation industry.

He partnered with Om Karamchandani, who had a technology background, and found there were gaps in the industry they needed to fill. The two began implementing those solutions in their business and launched MetroMax Group in 2018.

MetroMax Group is a conglomerate of companies which has investments in last mile delivery, equipment leasing, over the road trucking, compliance, technology services and business process outsourcing.

As the president of MetroMax, Thomas said he fell in love with the opportunities and capitalized on this market in the fleet trucking space at the right time. “Over a short span of time, one truck turned into dozens with multiple logistics solutions and more on the way,” he said. In less than four years, MetroMax Group has grown to more than 300+ employees domestically and 150+ internationally with an office in India.

“Demarco has become an influential personality in the transportation industry and is leading a … company that is disrupting the transportation industry,” said his colleagues. “Demarco has built world-class marketing teams that disproportionally grow business, win awards and break records.”

According to his staff, Thomas optimizes learning and starts a business and staff relationship from a place of trust and empathy. “He loves technology and all tech-related innovations and apart from marketing and technology, he is passionate about helping others and uncover their full potential.”

His accomplishments include being featured on multiple Top 50 business podcasts, including Truck N Hustle. Thomas is also part of the Freight Ware Conference and the Georgia Motor Trucking Association.

Thomas said the greatest leadership lesson he has learned is to build a measurable business. “I struggled to make changes within my business initially because I didn’t understand drivers of my business,” he said. “I spent time focusing on the actions with the least impact due to having no metrics. If you’re not driving your business through metrics, you’ll never understand what direction to lead for business improvement.”

For his contributions to the transportation industry and his willingness to lead with empathy, Thomas has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

He as an avid Table Tennis Player and loves to travel. He is a pescatarian.


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